Nurse Jackie Spoilers: More of Dr. Cooper

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On Nurse Jackie, Peter Facinelli's character, Dr. Cooper, has a unique trait: sexual Tourette's syndrome.

When nervous, he grabs his co-worker's breasts.

According to E! Online, this is a real condition. The show won't overdo its use, however, as the entertainment site reports that Coop won't fondle Jackie again until episode five.

We'll also learn more about Dr. Cooper's famlly. For example, he was raised by two lesbian mothers (portrayed by Blythe Danner and Swoosie Kurtz) that show up in episode six.

Jackie and Dr. Cooper

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As an adult with Tourettes, I can say that there is FAR more that goes on inside of me that never makes it out for others to see. And the surprising variety of ways that I express what makes it to the surface. It is good to have a realistic public portrayal of a person with Tourettes. It would be bad if this turns out to be just a recurring 'boob grab' joke. Expand the character - show how every move we Touretters make in public is designed to deflect people from seeing the Tourettes and just believing we have quirky personalities. And the infrequent meltdown where it all just comes flowing out. And how we are when we are totally alone and free to express everything. Funny ha ha perhaps, but still a serious subject. BTW, I love the series and am not dissing, just commenting.


Please more Dr. Cooper appearances. He's great !

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