The Gossip Girl Cast: Back to Work!

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Oh yeah, it's so on. The cast of Gossip Girl is back in New York and has officially started filming episodes for the third season, which debuts September 14!

While that's a long time away, the New York City setting allows for a lot of quality pictures from the show's set to make their way to us, and then on to you.

Did we mention we are excited for Season Three?

The Return of Chair!

What does Ed Westwick's Chuck Bass have in store for us this year?

Click to enlarge some more Gossip Girl pictures (featuring Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Chace Crawford) from the NYC set below. We'll have more for you later today and throughout the coming weeks (hopefully good ones, too)!

A Flowery Frock
She's Blake in Black!
Crawford - HOT
Ms. M.
Nice Uggs!
Back to Work
A Chace Photo
Blake Gets Back to Work
Ohhh Yeah
LM Photo
Leighton, Ed and ...

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I am salivating over these pictures right now. Everyone look amazing. Blair is more beautiful than ever. Chuck, if you were only in front of me right now, uhhhhhhhh.


Woohoo! Serenate & Chair = Hot Couples on GG!


Chace's hair is so hot and cute,blake is a hottie ,she is so beautiful even though wears this cloth
serena and nate belong to each other.


whats up with all this serenate bs??in my opinion they are a bad couple and should never hookup again, their better off as just friends. Chace's new hairdo is sexy, can't wait for season three!


oh ,blake looks so beautiful and hot ,serenate in s3


For anyone who wants to know, the flowered dress Leighton's wearing is by Alice+Olivia and is currently on sale over at shopbop.


Nice suspenders, Ed. But I'm glad you finally changed your hairstyle.


I am so exited to see these two... Ed looks awesome, very sexy and handsome. And Leighton is beautiful. I can't wait. Why does september have to be three months away?! I'm going crazy...


I love Ed's new hair. I think they'll change it gradually so it's not a big shocking *boom* manbangs! Everyone looks gorgeous, but what else is new? GGI, I love you for sharing the Chair love! That picture is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥


no offense but his hair looks the same to me...

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