Bones Creator: I've Got a Plan for Booth and Brennan

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It would be an understatement to say that Bones viewers were let down by the show's season four finale.

After they discovered that weeks of hype concerning a Brennan/Booth sex scenes resulted in nothing more than an alternate reality dream, many fans became enraged.

Creator Hart Hanson experienced their wrath at Comic-Con last week and attempted to explain his decision.

"The [finale] was full of inside jokes. It was full of inside references. It was full of echoes and insights, I hope," he told E! News at the annual event in San Diego. "And we're going to carry some of the things we discovered in that alternate world into the real world. It's kind of a bridge thing."

in other words: please stay tuned. There really was a point to the final episode of season four.

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As for whether or not Booth and Brennan will ever hook up for real, Hanson was coy.

"I do know. I'm not going to tell you. I do know if and when it happens [and] where it might happen."

Okay. Is there anything Hanson can tell us?

"Episode five or six of this year is the trial of the Grave Digger, and not a lot of evidence survived," Hart said, proceding to reference the letter than Brennan wrote when she and Hodgins were buried alive. "It's very likely that what she wrote [in the letter] will surface as evidence in that case."

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