Coming Up on Desperate Housewives: Susan's Wedding?

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On the season finale of Desperate Housewives, Susan Mayer was involved in a near-death experience with her son.

Fortunately, former flame Mike came to Susan's rescue, as the pair shared a passionate embrace.

But is that all they shared? The spit swapping was followed by a wedding scene, in which Mike was tying the knot with a veiled bride. Was it Susan? Or was it Mike's fiancee, Katherine Mayfair?

Viewers won't need to wait long for the answer.

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On the Desperate Housewives fall premiere, sources at Zap2It say there will be a wedding that features Susan, or at least the preparations for it. (No final word yet on whether or not "I do" is ever uttered.)

Of course, this could also be a flashback scene, not necessarily a sign that Susan walked down the aisle with Mike to close last season. Guess there's only one thing to do: Tune in. Find out.

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