Gossip Girl Caption Contest 62

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Caption Contest - the 62nd edition of this fun tradition!

Follow the link to see who won last week's edition of the Caption Contest, then send us your best caption(s) for this Gossip Girl picture by leaving comments below.

It was, as always, a tough decision, with all of your quality entries. But we chose MustLoveChuck. Congratulations! The winning reply appears below the photo.

Honorable mentions go out to JessicaD, bfan and Kamay. Thank you all for playing and making this such a fun weekly tradition. Best of luck again next week ...

Jonathan the Hacker

Eric: Wow... Just wow.
Serena: That was amazing.
Jonathan: Go Blair and Chuck.
Jenny: Are you guys watching the Chuck says I love you scene... again?
Serena: It's sooooo sweet though.
Eric: He got her stockings that's amazing.
Jonathan: I just love the background music.
Jenny: I need new friends.

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Jonathan~ Come on....Come ON!
Eric~ I don't know how you can watch this!
Jonathan~ Not now Eric! I am really into it now, in the zone!
Jenny(talking to herself) ~Not the porn again!
Jonathan~ Ohh man! COME ON!
Serena~ What are you watching?
Jonathan~ Take a look for yourself!
Serena~ FOOTBALL! I thought you were gay?


Serena:Umm Jonathan...I thought you were going to reveal some Gossip Girl stuff to us not a photo of you and Eric kissing...
Eric:Hmmm..Jonathan Blue is a nice colour on you.
Jonathan:Why thank you my love bird.
Jenny:Was it nessisary for two screens?


Jonathan - See... this is how I planned our orgy scene.
Serena and Eric gasp at the outlined scene while Jenny reads the script.
Jenny - Hey! My part's not that big. - Then she storms out, you known, 'cause she's a rebel.


Jonathan: See, I just found...this! It's horrible.
Serena: Oh my god!
Jenny: I can't believe it...
Eric: -muttering- Who knew the death of the man bangs could be such a tragic loss....

Blair c bass

Serena: So if I go to gossipgirlinsider.com, it's like a crystal ball?
Eric: That's riiight Serena . . . .
Serena: Oooh goody! More revealing outfits in my future!
Jonathon: Is that you and Carter Baizen?
Serena: I'm confused. Is this the future or the past? You can't expect me to keep track of all of my guys all the time!
Jenny: If I just look at the paper, maybe they'll all just go away.




Meanwhile, in the UES Justice League room… Blonder Woman (S): What are our assignments for today guys? Pink Lantern (Jo): Let me see...we´ve got a battle for the post of Constance´s Queen Bee going on, a missing man-bangs alert at St. Jude’s and....oh no! The Basser is chasing another victim wearing his trademark purple coat and bow tie, but with yellow pants?! How dare he? Lincoln Hawk Girl (Je): Don´t worry about Constance´s Queen Bee battle! I just got my hands on the piece of untold gossip I needed! Dragonflyman (E): I´ll take care of The Basser, after he´s done with his victim of course... this time I´ll teach him a lesson about color pallet he will never forget! Pink Lantern (Jo): And I´ll be more than pleased to help mister Archibald unveil the disappearance of his beloved man-bangs! Blonder Woman (S): Wait...and what do I do? How do I help to maintain the order in the UES? Pink Lantern (Jo): By just doing what you always do... Blonder Woman (S): You mean invoking the power of my Tiffany bracelets to overthrow the social climber enemies, stepping on them with the Heels of Manolo and afterwards flying to Maldivas on my invisible jet? Pink Lantern (Jo): That too, but I meant always messing things up with Dan Humphrey every time he tries to stay with you! Cuz, seriously...Dan Humphrey??


jonathan: that looks a lot like serena
eric: OH NO is that you and nate on that bar
serena: what huh?


Jonathan: I've checked the internet history and all that came up was this Courtney Love fansite.
Serena: Is it just me or does she remind you of someone?
Jenny *thinking*: Not me! Not me! Not me! Please don't say me!
Jonathan: Huh? Yeah, she does...I'm not sure who though. Eric: Jenny? Who do you think she looks like?
Jenny: Uh, Courtney Love?


Serena: Ooh, what's that?
Eric: It's a link to 'Gossip Girl Gone Bad'. I'll click on it.
Everyone: *stares in horror* OMG!
Chuck*on computer*: I'm Chuck Bass. And you're here today to learn how to seduce women. As you can see I'm only wearing a scarf but-
Eric(turns off ccomputer quickly): Ok, we never admit to seeing that. EVER!
Everyone: Agreed.

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