Gossip Girl Caption Contest 62

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Caption Contest - the 62nd edition of this fun tradition!

Follow the link to see who won last week's edition of the Caption Contest, then send us your best caption(s) for this Gossip Girl picture by leaving comments below.

It was, as always, a tough decision, with all of your quality entries. But we chose MustLoveChuck. Congratulations! The winning reply appears below the photo.

Honorable mentions go out to JessicaD, bfan and Kamay. Thank you all for playing and making this such a fun weekly tradition. Best of luck again next week ...

Jonathan the Hacker

Eric: Wow... Just wow.
Serena: That was amazing.
Jonathan: Go Blair and Chuck.
Jenny: Are you guys watching the Chuck says I love you scene... again?
Serena: It's sooooo sweet though.
Eric: He got her stockings that's amazing.
Jonathan: I just love the background music.
Jenny: I need new friends.

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OMG mustlovechuck's is SOOOOOO funny (pg3)


Johnathan: And here are all the tips sent in to Gossip Girl. Serena: Wait a second! Since when does Chuck have a Twitter?!? Eric: He doesn't. Serena: But it says right there that he does! Eric: Thats because I made one pretending to be him. All I have to do is every few hours say something about being with a hot chick and everyone believes it. Jenny: Now all I have to do is wait for them to leave the room and I'll have complete access to the Twitter account!! Muahahaha! Eric: You do realize you just said all that outloud.


Serena: Jonathan, How about we go to dinner and, I'll wear a boob showing outfit.
Taylor momesen: I could totally eat him
Eric: grrrrrr..... Back off b!tches he's MINE


Jonathan: See Jenny. We tried to tell you no one likes you. Jenny: But how can no one like my racoon eyes?! I thought they were trend setting! Sadzies. Serena: And I thought Eric was the least liked, I mean at least Jenny gets some story lines. Eric: I know right?!


Serena: i will never look at you the same way... either of you! i am SO moving out!
Jonathan: un... believable. and to think we had honesty in our relationship, E!
Jenny: Well, now he really HAS slept with everyone on the upper east side... good thing i live in Brooklyn!
Eric: exactly! why is it that anyone else can sleep whith Chuck Bass and go unscathed, but when it's me, the world is suddenly coming to an end?!


Serena: OH MY GOD! WHY ARE MY BOOBS YOUR SCREENSAVER?!?!?!? Eric i though you were gay. and..... my, brother??


Serena: OMG!i never thought this sex tape would leak!


Serena: Jonathan, this is really weird...
Eric: Even I have to agree with Serena on this. What about me?
Jenny: Yeah, and why did you print so many copies of the picture?
Jonathan: Hey, Clay Aiken is my idol!


Serena: Gossip Girl Insider dot com?
Jonathon: Yeah, check out the spoilers!
Eric: Since when does Joanna Garcia date Nate, and since when does Hillary Duff go to NYU? And do we even know Tyra Banks?
Jenny: I hate how we always get the worst actors on this show.
Serena: Hypocrite.
Jenny: Huh?
Serena: Well, they cast YOU didn't they?


Serena: Sooo...why is it that you're showing us this disturbingly inappropriate, but entertaining, video? ;)

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