Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: The Priest's Purpose

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In reference to yesterday's rumor on E! Online that a priest is being cast and a wedding may take place on Grey's Anatomy, a reader asked EW's Michael Ausiello about it.

Here's what the writer had to say in his Q&A today ...

Q: Your frenemy reported that there will be a priest in the Grey's Anatomy premiere and that someone may be getting married. Care to comment?

A: Yes, there will be a priest cast on the show, but no, he won't be marrying anyone off. His presence is needed for something far less celebratory.

No further explanation should be necessary.

At a Crossroads

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Word, Ace. There's nothing else to be said.


I am not quite sure why everyone is saying I hate Rhonda and I hate Krista.....TR WANTED TO LEAVE THE SHOW and they gave him his wish to move wasn't anyones decision but his. YES it will be like the saddest episode in history i balled when Mer said its george he is double 07! but its what he wanted. the show will still be amazing and i will still always be number one faithful dudes. Rock on George rip.


George was the only one on the show who never made a terrible decision. Even when he cheated on his wife, he cheated on a jealous, relatively unattractive spoiled bore with his gorgeous, driven, funny best friend. It's alright though, because newer characters like Callie and Sunshine Colorado or whatever are SO INTERESTING. Yawn. And I'm certainly not bored with Grey and Sheppard, and wondering if they will end up together. What a letdown this show's become.


If TR was sidelined for two seasons as punishment for the Isaah debacle, then I so want to know what Sara Ramirez and Eric Dane did to Shonda to get her so mad that she would constantly screw them out of screen time and more so with pathetic writing and horrific directing. 1. The Brookgate scandal
2. Drop your pants experiment
3. SR’s atrocious make up and wardrobe ever since she got there.
4. Reducing both of them to extras (i.e. SR being featured in a scene like those mute nurses)
5. The personality transplant she put Callie through and made many fans loathe her.
6. The personality transplant with the delectable McSteamy into a compliment searching, insecure woman who is the whipping boy of Lexiepedia. Funny enough in some of the interviews I have read featuring either of the actors, they speak highly of Shonda and show her immense respect. BTW - When she finally remembered that both exist she gave them pathetic material that seemed more of an after thought than anything. For godsake she forgot what she wrote in Season 3 or 4 regarding Callie being the only child (Mr. Torres threatening George at the hospital that Callie was his ONLY LITTLE GIRL and he should not hurt her) and all of a sudden she has a sister Aria.


An entire season dedicated to saying goodbye to Izzie? Are you high? Are you serious with this? Up until episode 13, Izzie was a ghost-whore. She wasn't officially diagnosed until episode 17, and even then no one knew, other than Yang, until episode 18. So from episode 18 to episode 22 was Izzie's cancer arc. Wow, 4 episodes focused on Izzie's cancer. Oh no, the other episodes really didn't count as a season did it since you're saying that season 5 was dedicated as Izzie's goodbye? Seriously? She got 4 episodes. FOUR. An entire season? Seriously?! Bailey's start of to peds surgery had 3+ episodes. Why not say all of Season 5 was about Bailey? Izzie got 4 episodes to fully flush out her cancer. And it really didn't become a "goodbye" until episodes 21 and 22. Wow you people are just so deluded in making TR this tragic victim. Wow... just... wow. If the facts don't fit, they get altered and then it's made personal by Shonda as IF that there's anything corroborating that other than heresay and synthesis. If I'm an executive, I'm a director, I'm a writer, why the hell am I going to pen down this touching all-George episode when the actor is going to leave anyway?! Why am I going to put down the effort in writing a story about George when he basically up and quit? How does that make it equitable to my other actors who are staying? Should I cast them off cause George "needs" a goodbye story? Please. He saved a woman's life. There, that's his goodbye-story. He went out as a hero, that's goodbye-enough. At the end of the day, it's Meredith's story, Meredith's journey, and Meredith's game. The ONLY goodbye-episode I would expect is if EP left the show. That's goodbye. The others could just leave quietly in the night. No one forced him out, no one pushed him out. TR Knight quit. Why should anyone cater to quitters? You quit something, life moves on. GA is not going to be frozen in time because one of their series regualars quits. He was guaranteed a spot up until season 7. The potential for a more George-focused story in Season 6 is lost now cause why? TR KNIGHT QUIT. HE QUIT.
HE QUIT. You'll never know what Shonda or the rest of the GA-writers had for him, for all your speculation, for all your theories, for all your conjecture, you'll never know. Why? CAUSE HE QUIT!!!! There was even negotiations for TR to be a guest star in the first few episodes of Season 6 to really come full circle with George, but guess what, TR Knight said NO to that too. So for those clamoring for a goodbye-George episode, point those fingers at TR Knight. HE QUIT.
HE QUIT. So you George-only fans, go ahead and blame Shonda, but TR Knight is to also to blame if not moreso for the death of your beloved George, and TR Knight is also to blame for not agreeing to come back for the first few eps to give your beloved George his goodbye. You can't do a goodbye-character episode without the actor that plays that character. And again, what did TR Knight do? HE QUIT.


No Isiah. I couldn't take that. I'll miss TR so much. I have missed him all season but at least I got to see his cute face from time to time. I love George more than anything.


Isiah choked Patrick and then called the producers racist. Ellen has said she hates him. He made fun of Patrick's dyslexia. Some people seem to assume TR was the only thing that got Isiah fired when from what I read, the rest of his colleagues hated him too. He was arrogant and, in his own words, would come down on his colleagues when they joked on the set and yell at them to be serious. They hated him. There are many people out there who believe TR has been backburnered the two last seasons because Shonda wanted TR to pay for IW being fired, that she treated TR bad enough so he would quit. If she brings Isiah back now, even more people will believe that. It will be so wrong that Isiah would get to have his job back when he persecuted TR for months after he got fired and TR his victim would be off the show. If this happens, then Shonda really is the homophobic trash some people call her to be.


Why is George (TJ) leaving the show? The last episode (season 5 last) was brilliant.


Why is George leaving? It was a brilliant episode (last season 5)


Does this mean we can have Preston (Isiah) back now? I love George (TR) and Preston. If TR really doesn't want to come back (I was hoping that they would save him & Izzie but doesn't sound like it!) than I want Preston back! It would be very intriguing to bring Preston back now with Christina falling for someone else. I can already see the "seriously" scene playing out!

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