Lindsay Hartley Replaces Felisha Terrell on Days of Our Lives

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There was a major cast shake-up to close last week at Days of Our Lives.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Felisha Terrell has been let go from the show. Lindsay Hartley (pictured) was immediately hired to take over the role of Arianna. There's no word yet on the reason behind the switch.

The move reunites Hartley with her former Passions brother Galen Gering and on-screen love interest Eric Martsolf.

Lindsay Hartley

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I love this! She worked really well(and had incredible chemistry) with Galen Gering and being paired Eric again as a different character is awesome. I'm glad they fired and let Felisha go.


I was shocked when I first read the news about Lindsay being casted in taking over the role of Arianna from Felisa. It just made my day. I mean she and Eric Martsolf may not being a couple anymore (Ethan and Theresa)on Passions. But now they're reunited as a couple "again" on Days as Brady and Arianna,and they make a cute couple. I'm glad they let Felisha go, she wasn't as pretty as Lindsay. I just hope that Arianna's character will have a good persona.


Bring back felisha i was soo pissed when i saw the new ari i cant beleive days did that what were they thinking


Bring Felisha back, bring Felisha back............much prettier, better chemistry w/Brady, they make a more handsome couple. Get bug eyes out (Lindsey) and bring Felisha back.


not happy. don't like the Ari.. no I don't like when they switch any charactor.. but Felicia Terrell wasn't so bad.


I hate it....i have watched DOOL for years on and off but it has only been the past month really that i have made sure to record on my dvr and watch it every day. I was completely into felisha terrells character...she's way prettier than this lindsay hartley woman i think and its just not setting well with me..almost enough to question wether i want to continue to watch it. I'm not a fan of any other soap opera so sorry to all of you that seem to be pleased that a former passions star has joined..but i'm very ill about the change. i would have rather something happened to ariana because it's a huge pet peeve of mine to see actors takes me out of the moment and out of the scene and disconnects me emotionally because now in ariana's scenes..instead of focusing on plot..i'm focusing on who the heck is this?


New actress is fat.


This is wonderful news!! She had great chemistry on set with both Galen and Eric. I'm excited to see her with Eric again.

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