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More Gossip Girl Set Pictures From the Week

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Yesterday's batches of photos from the Gossip Girl set brought both a serious Chair heat wave and some intriguing questions about Serena's kissing partners.

Today? Not nearly as interesting. But still cute. Below are some more pictures we've come across from yesterday's filming. Here's one of Blake and Leighton:

Cute Blake and Leighton Picture

What do you suppose these Gossip Girl cuties are chatting about?

Needless to say, all this activity on the set has us dying for Gossip Girl to return. Click to enlarge more images of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, Joanna Garcia and Sebastian Stan on the New York set of the hit series.

Bonus points if you can tell us who the random girl in pink is and who she plays ...

  • Mr. Stan
  • Chace and Joanna Pic
  • Cute Glasses
  • Leighton M. in Yellow
  • A Beautiful Smile
  • Blake Takes Five
  • Penny Pic
  • Lovely Leighton Pic
  • Chace Sucks Face
  • Tired Chair
  • Who the ...

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It's Katrina Begin. She was starring with Leighton in "Remember The Daze" :) Yay bonus points for me LOL


I agree with you will be really annoying if it´s all about couples when they return....wanna see some other action!!!


I love seeing more chair pics. They are my favourite couple. I agree with T that they should bring back Blair's headbands, it's her thing. Like Chuck with his signature scarf whch we haven't seen for ages. Maybe they're trying to make them more grown up?
Wasn't there a rumour going around saying that Blair saw Chuck with a mystery blond in one of the early episodes of season 3? I think that's who the girl in pink is. I don't know what her exact role is or who the actress is though.


Looks like they're focusing on couples again this season. They really need to focus on something else, they aren't too great at the couples thing.


Ok what is going on with Blair's hair?! Way too school marm for my liking...bring back the headbands!


I like these couples: Carter/Serena, Chuck/Blair and Nate/Bree. I hope the writers do a good work with them. I love Carter and Serena!


blake is so gorgeous


Seriously random... but nice, I like seeing Bree and Nate.

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