Who the ...
Anyone know who this is and who she's playing on Gossip Girl? If so, please, enlighten your fellow fans!

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She's the model that Chuck kinda hooks up with!!!


I agree with the person above ^^^
She was the one who was flirting with Chuck in the promo!!! OMG


heyyy guys!
it is definetly katrina begin although u already figured that out
she has a guest starring role
so she wont be in it for long at the moment
and i think your right
i think she will try to break up chair


It is Katrina Begin. I googled her and she has the same moles.


@megan uhhh ihighly doubt that.


total imitation of blair


I think Blake would look SO gorgeous in that outfit instead. Who is this girl btw?


hah yay i was right lol


Katrina Begin

Whale sweater

i remember a casting call a while back for a girl at nyu trying to get into blair graces and climb the social ranks. maybe her?

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