Private Practice Spoilers: Who Rescues Violet?

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For the longest time, we were asking who knocked up Violet? We still don't know the answer to that, of course, but we've moved on to asking who rescues Violet.

When the second season of Private Practice concluded, pregnant Violet was in a compromising position, sedated and about to be cut open on her living room floor.

Sick, but true.

Wondering who (if anyone) will save Violet from her non-elective C-section on Private Practice? Will Cooper return to Violet Turner's abode? Or will Pete be the hero?

"The only thing I will say is that, knowing Shonda Rhimes, whatever is the least convenient thing to happen will happen," Tim Daly, who plays Pete, told TV Guide.

"She always finds a way of making it very difficult on everybody, and I like that about working with her - even if I sometimes disagree with the direction."

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Well, I think Pete will be killed by Crazy Lady. Of course, then it will turn out Pete is the father, and Sheldon won't want Violet. "Pete" has his own show debuting in mid-September. Just sayin.


of course violet will be ok. i'm not sure about her baby though. shonda might make something that insane that will stur up some drama. i'm thinking that katie will do the c-section and the baby will die or someone will save violet before, in the middle, or after the c-section, then take katie to a shrink (not violet though!).


I agree with John. Charlotte would be a good choice...but maybe it will be Sheldon, making Violet doubt her choice of Pete. Or the best choice would be Addison since she is the star of the show and an OB, so she would be Violet's best chance of survival if crazy Katie cuts her. Or it could be Naomi making her realize she needs to stay with the practice.


i think that katie will do the c-section and after katie leaves pete will come and save violet and they'll go on some long search for katie and the baby....or pete will save violet right before katie does the c-section.


Shonda Rhimes does things that you would least expect and it is going to be Charlotte that is going to talk to Violet and saves her from her, unwanted, unorthodox C-Section by crazy lady.

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