Taryn Manning and Taylor Cole Going to Melrose Place

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We have some exciting Melrose Place casting news:

The gorgeous singer actress Taryn Manning is making her way to Melrose Place when the show debuts on The CW this fall. 

According Michael Ausiello of EW, Manning will appear in the second episode as a singer whose music video is being directed by Jonah.

During that same episode, you can also expect Taylor Cole to appear as David's ex-girlfriend.

Taryn Manning
Taylor Cole

Is it just us, or is this reboot of Melrose Place sounding a lot sexier than its previous incarnation?

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I think its about time Taylor Cole had her own website where she answers her fans questions. Taylor, if your reading this, your being selfish !!!! I apologize if there's already a site out there, but I cant find it... and "official" site that is. You owe it to your fans Doll ! Stop being selfish and set up a way for us to interact with you!
For the fans out there... Circulate this until it gets her attention and maybe she'll do it ! Feel free to message me at nxt4dc@yahoo.com if anyone knows where the official site is, or if you need help circulating this on facebook, myspace, and anywhere else it might convince Taylor to interact with her fans !


The amazing, sizzling hot cast keeps growing. :)

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