It's Ella vs. Amanda in the season finale. Who's your money on? We'll tell you one thing, it's not gonna be an easy win for either.


This episode is titled "Sepulveda." It's the 17th installment of the show's first season.

"Santa Fe"

On this special episode, Jo, Amanda, Michael and Jane unite. Also, Jonah throws a party.


This episode is titled "Mulholland." Amanda is betrayed on it.

"Stoner Canyon"

Drew Pragin moves in to Melrose Place this week. It's the first episode for Nick Zano.


This episode of Melrose Place is titled "Oriole." It's the first installment of 2010.

"San Vicente"

We finally find out who whacked Sydney and a couple of shocking romantic developments take place.

Amanda continues to make her presence felt this week. We've got a detailed recap of the episode.


This is a significant episode of Melrose Place. Heather Locklear returns in it.

This week's installment of Melrose Place is titled "Ocean." Read on for a complete recap of events from it.