Gossip Girl Caption Contest 66

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 66th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is Matt. Congrats! The winning entry appears below.

Honorable mentions go out to Katherine53, PernilleKjrs and m0nobody.

Thank you all for playing and good luck again in this week's contest!

Serena van der Woodsen Mug Shot

They found out I stole the Sisterhood pants, great.

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Serena: So, lets review what i did today.I met a new and baptized Georgina Sparks, pretended to be pregnant only to trick my con artist boyfriend, hear Chuck say he loves Blair, set up a scheme to trap Poppy Lifton, and to top it all off I got arrested. Not a bad day.


serena- why is the world so biased about nudism?


How could I know that tights are not pants?!


Serena: Are you strippers?
Cop: Are you serious?
Serena: Cause if you are then I should let you know I've been a bad bad girl.


Lily: Thats my daughter.
Cop: So I'm assuming your going to drop the charges...
Lily: Well! What kind of parent do you think I am!.... My mother once bailed me out of jail and I promissed myself that I would never be like her.


Serena: Hey cop, what are you doing back there, cant we just take this picture and get it over with?
Cop: I'm checking out gossip girl on my phone. Apperently Serena van der woodsen is arrested
Serena: You think?!


Serena: I want my phone call. I want it...I want my phone call... inspired by the joker in the dark knight.


Serena: I want my phone call.
Cop: Fine. For security purposes, we need to know who you're going to call.
Serena: The cops! I need them to know I've been kidnapped and the address of where I'm being held! I mean, duh.


Marilynn*'s was hilarious!


Serena: Can I have my phone call?
Cop: Who are you gonna call?
Serena: 911! This is an Emergency!

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