Gossip Girl Spoilers: That Chuck Bass Look

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We posted some Gossip Girl set photos earlier today (including the visit to the set by Tyra Banks), but this one deserves its own post. Check out the classic facial expression of Ed Westwick's Chuck Bass here. Wonder what he's thinking right now ...

Ed Westwick and Taylor Momsen

That look is vintage Chuck Bass. That dress? Stylish Little J!

He's with Blair Waldorf now, but one never knows what Chuck Bass - seen here with Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) has up his sleeve. Or what that mind is thinking.

UPDATE: Below is a video of the scene they were filming. See if you think this sheds any light on what happens, or just leaves you asking the same questions ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/ed-and-taylor-set-video/" title="Ed and Taylor Set Video"] [/video]

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people are being soooooooo over dramatic the season hasnt even started yet all this hate on jenny is unnessary she would never do that to blair neither would chuck ,jenny and blair came a long way so have chair ,i think their allowed to be friends/family their probably exploring characters relationships these 2 barely get scenes together so their probably want to try something new i love chair and i love jenny i used to hate her but shes come a long way i really like her now and its good that blair and chuck are helping jenny,its very seet and shows his character growth that picture is irrelevent to me,besides i heard its a possibility for nate/jenny romance again which i think its great ,i think it will be fun to see jenny bond with chunk in a non romantic way and her bond with blair lets just wait and see first before we have a heatstroke lol go chair and jenny


chuck is'nt cheating on blair!!!!!!! why would he???? B is 10x hotter than lil'j


I knew it!Chuck was going to have to cheat on Blair sometime. Which is why chair is doomed.


This is exactly what I was thinking about. I wondered if Chuck ever forgot about Jenny from Season 1. Besides, Chair is doomed. Chuck would have to cheat on Blair sometime.


What pictures of Nate kissing Blair at the end of Season 2? You mean on the teaser, cause if you do that's not Blair. I really hope Chuck doesnt cheat on Blair, they are so perfect for each other, in the best possible way :)


Since when is jenny a strong character? I've watched every episode and have seen no evidence of this. If anything, she's the most hypocritical and ungrateful one. Anyways, Chuck should atleast stay with Blair for the 1st month of college. Ewwh and that look is the one he usually gives Serena, likes she's a hot fudge sundae or something. Creepy!


I kinda agree with Ally. Since j is trying to be out there and push the limits, I think she should go bi-even though she brings nothing to the show. But j/C would be very weird and random, esp. since they're practically fam. If Chuck were going to do anything like that, he'd definitely go for Serena. She's hott and he's wanted her since 4ever even though they're stepsibs.


Let Jenny fall for a GIRL instead. Someone in the fashion world, with her interests. Anything but Chuck and J. UGH!


Is it just me or is Taylor looking a bit more skinny - like scary skinny - than usual? Also, this didn't look all that romantic. I doubt they'd play the chuck-jenny angle. It's too close to the dan-serena "we're sort of related, should this be gross" line. I think if anything they're just biding their time to bring back the nate-jenny pairing. Or else they need to create a new character to be with!

Whale sweater

JKay - you always have such well thought out things to say. i hadn't really thought about the chuck-centric nature of last season and it was easy to overlook because i so like his character. that said, it shouldn't interfere with the other characters' growth and behavior. i think that the writers had to take chuck on a long journey, having written him sort of villianously and morally questionable and wanting to get him from that point to the point where he was with blair as a believable romantic lead without anyone questioning the transformation. i feel like if you look at season 1 versus 2 blair has really come forward as the lead female, whereas it was more even between serena and blair before. i think part of that is probably guilty pleasure, chuck and blair must be so fun to write, and part of that was that they needed to really bring them from point a to point b. i am hoping that, now that they have them where they want them, they will be able to redistribute the focus in season 3. i heard penn badgely talking about how dan never really grows and i thought that was a really astute observation. he is involved in a lot of stories but he is the only character who seems to have had no personal growth per say. i feel like this season may be that opportunity for dan. i think season 2 served a function - bring chuck and blair and chuck as an individual to the place there they want them to be moving forward and i sense that, with that task completed, they will shift the focus a bit, or at least i hope they do.


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