Ed Westwick and Taylor Momsen
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A quality Jenny and Chuck (Taylor and Ed) pic from the set of Gossip Girl in August 2009. What is going on in that dirty mind of his?

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    I loved chuck and blair to death in season 2, but now....I don't know, I'm not too attached to any GG relationships at the moment, C/J would be interesting. Maybe only for one or two episodes though


    it's a good picture :D
    But it'd be better if he was with blair..
    wish their spark doesn;t disappear. btw. Jen looks gorgeous.


    is the dress jenny's wearing the ruched bustier dress by pucci?


    if you think about it chuck probably has a few children running around


    You are the minority then, because most of us LOVE CHAIR!!!!!!!


    wow shes changed a lot from season one. and i love her dress. what designer is it? i really like it. =]


    No don't go with Jenny! Go with Blair!!


    OH come on there gonna be steph-siblings!! can't he take her to some party in his limo,, that limo is more than a place to have sex,, it can drive too xD


    Nikki must be high. Who the hell loves Taylor Momsem?! Nobody! Because seriously, Jenny and Chuck? Seriously!? I can take Chuck and Vanessa--because we all know that only lasted the single episode it was bound to last--but Jenny and Chuck!? That's too much of an orgy to bare, Stephanie and Josh! Besides, that dress is beautiful, but she looks like a cheap ass hooker in it, the makeup being the cherry on top of the disgusting and full of calories banana split that girl is. Just saying. :) By the way... Team Veronicas!


    Aww i swear i will kill Gossip Girl if lil J & C get together. They're obviously gunna keep changing relationships but I rekon B & C are great together. Would be nice to see something last ;) N & J all the way :)