Major FlashForward Spoiler: The Series Premiere Conclusion

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The basic premise of FlashForward is known by most TV fans at this point:

Simultaneously, the world's population goes unconscious and each individual flashes forward to the date April 29, 2010. Some see themselves as pregnant; others see nothing at all and fear that they are dead.

After two minutes and 17 seconds, everyone wakes up and wonders the same thing: WTF?!?

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FBI agent Mark Benford even puts together The Mosaic Collective, his attempt to piece together what the heck is going on. For his sake, let's hope Mark tunes in to the conclusion of the September 24 series premiere.

Consider yourself warned, as we're about to reveal a major piece to the FlashForward puzzle:

  • At the end of "No More Good Days," security camera footage is shown of the moment when the world blacks out. Everyone on the planet appears to drop like a fly at the same time... except for a mysterious man in black, who is shown walking around strewn bodies at a stadium in Detroit.

What does this mean? Who is that man? Like the rest of us, you'll need to tune in to FlashForward this fall and find out.

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Who the hell do you think you are? Flashforwarder stop being a dumbass. You don't know anything.


i am so happy that the flashfowards they saw weren't what they seemed!!! :-)


In the final episode all is not as it seems. Olivia has not left Mark for Lloyd Simcoe. Mark is drinking in his flash forward because he IS forced to kill his partner, but he has not spit up with his wife. Instead, the reason Lloyd is in his house is because Mark, who is still running a renegade operation has to work together with Lloyd, who he hates. For that reason, on April 29th at about 9pm he has to go out urgently as he remembers something crucial he needs to follow up on in the office. He doesn't know Olivia is in, he thinks she is at work, but actually she ran in and got in the shower. Mark calls Lloyd to come over and babysit the kids, both Mark's little girl and Lloyd's little boy, Dylan, as they look after him and he lives with them since Lloyd cannot look after him given his current circumstances. So, Mark calls Lloyd, Lloyd comes over, Mark goes out, Lloyd spills something on his top and has to take it off, sits in front of the TV, Olivia comes out of the shower and gets ready, and goes to call Mark to bed at the time we see in the flash forward. She calls from the upstairs bannister "hey honey", Lloyd Simcoe turns around and Olivia is taken aback: "oh, what are you doing here? where's mark?" she exclaims. And that's a little snapshot of the crucial final episode which will air in April 2010.

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FlashForward Quotes

I didn't just lose consciousness; my consciousness went somewhere else.

Mark Benford

We've been saying people have been blacking out, but that wasn't my experience. More like a dream.

Mark Benford