Ryan Matthews: Remaining on 90210

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For weeks, rumors were flying that Ryan Eggold's 90210 character of Ryan Matthews would crossover to the new Melrose Place this fall.

But casting on the latter show has put an end to that plan: Jessica Lucas, who played a character that slept with Ryan on 90210, plays Riley Richmond on Melrose Place. It's confusing enough to explain, let alone air.

“Jessica’s character and had an affair with Ryan on 90210,” said Melrose Place producer Todd Slavkin. “So we clearly feel that’s something to avoid.”

A Big Talk

Jessica Lucas, seen here on 90210, has switched CW shows.

So, will there be any crossover between these CW shows at all?

Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling are possibilities, Slavkin said. As a former Smallville producer, he told TV Guide Magazine:

“We love Tori Spelling. We worked with her on Smallville we thought she was great. And we’re huge fans of Jennie Garth. Both characters turned up on the original Melrose Place, so it would be fun.”

What do you think, fans? Do you wanna see a crossover between these dramas? Chime in now in our 90210 forum!

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they alreadt messed up the cross over contiuity the rielly girl was a cop on 90210 ,the dad on 90210 was a an alumn from original, and amandas mom on original was linda grey who was on 90210 as grandmas pal. unless everyone in la has a twin seperated at birth.


Ryan "not" crossing over doesn't mean that there won't be any 90210/MP crossovers at all. I'm glad that they didn't use Ryan since he's bland as hell. I can imagine Naomi crossing over! She could emancipate herself and end up living in MP. That way she can be apart of the 90210 and MP drama.


i can't beleve that theres no cross overs i mean GOD i dont; care for ryan mathuews BUT come on some ones got to cross over and hang out at melrose place just for a lil while !

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