Sarah Jane Morris : Clueless About Status on Brothers & Sisters

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We wish we had better Brothers & Sisters spoilers to report.

But it's hard to know the status of Julia Walker on season four of the show when the actress that portrays this character has no idea herself.

When asked by E! News if she'd be returning to the ABC drama this fall, Sarah Jane Morris pleaded ignorance.

"I hope so. I think so. If it comes up, great. If not, I had a fantastic send-off," she said, expounding on her plans if she's not asked back. "Right now I'm really itching to do a play. But if I could be on Friday Night Lights, my life would be made."

Hear that, NBC? Make the call.

Julia Walker Photo

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Sarah: 7.5 isn't bad.
Kitty: You can build on it.

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Robert: Mine. I'd be right there with you and we would kick ass.

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