She will never be the mother she should have been. It's up to you whether or not you want the mother you got.


You can't mix Leonard Bernstein and the queen of the gypsies!


You could not give me a real family when I was growing up. And now that I finally found one, you come and tear it apart!


Will you marry me all over again?


Saul: Kitty, repeat after me. I, Kitty, take you, Robert, to be my husband.
Kitty: I, Kitty, take you, Robert, to be my husband... again.

Saul: Are you crazy? What's wrong with you?
Robert: Your son thinks I'm seeing a woman in Westwood... And I am. Twice a week. She's a shrink. I'm seeing a shrink because my wife is dying.

Kitty: I heard it was really hard getting me down here.
Robert: Is that all you heard?
Kitty: Well, that and the fact that my husband has the chief of police on speed dial.
Robert: Well, but isn't that why you married me? Because I'm... connected.
Kitty: No, I married you for your looks and for your cute ass.
Robert: Well, that's funny, 'cause it's just why I married you.
Kitty: Well, you must be having a lot of regrets now.
Robert: No. No regrets.

Holly: I'm not gonna argue that anything is as important as Kitty's life. Forget how much Ryan cost this company or anything else, it's family first. It's bad business, but it is the Walker way.
Saul: Come on, Holly. Can't you understand that this... this--
Holly: Oh, Saul, please. I get it. You want me to let Ryan off the hook. Just like you wanted me to let Tommy off the hook. It is nothing new. I'm done fighting it.

Kitty: Well, we're always bitching that she butts into our lives. So let's just stop butting into hers.
Nora: Thank you... I think.

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