The Justice Society of America: Coming to Smallville

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Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna will arrive on episode eight of the new season of Smallville.

But they aren't the only comic book character appearing on the show this winter.

As first reported by TV Guide Magazine, the Justice Society of America will come out of retirement to deliver “the screwed-up guys of the next generation a needed smack down,” said comic book scribs Geoff Johns. “They’re the Mystery heroes who started it all–like the Watchmen.”

Created by DC Comics, the organization is comprised of members that include Hawkman, Spectre, Doctor Fate and the Atom.

Justice Society of America

The Justice Society of America is a World War II-era unit of older superheroes that exist in an alternate reality. Johns hasn't revealed which members he’s writing in to the mid-season episode, but the original Flash and the original Green Lantern will not be among them.

“It’s going to be about them coming out of retirement to give these screwed up guys of the next generation a needed smack-down," Johns said.

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