Vote For the New Gossip Girl Insider Banner ... Again!

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The people have spoken (with more than 8,000 votes) and by about a 54-40 percent margin, they have chosen GG Insider's new banner from two sexy options.

But the people - on our staff and in our

Gossip Girl Insider's new banner picture should be ...

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forgott to say..
please edit Lily & Rufus out?
we dont really watch it for them & they make it look to crowed


the 1st you cant see Chuck!!
&& as he isnt on the banner now. he should be more visalble on the new one!


...i like the 2nd one...except the color...edit it please...


I really love the second one. It's sharp, classy, and sexy, which is very good in my opinon plus the whole cast is in it. Oh and please don't take jessica off! I am begging. I'm so sick of blogs always leaving her out just because the majority hate her ( Which I really don't get but whatever) and it's really biased. So yea please don't "remove" the best(imo)lol

Dont mock the scarf

Since we're talking about the site here... can we have some improvements to the site layout itself? - Widen the pages
- make image autoresizing a little bigger
- make the fonts more readable (maybe Arial or Verdana instead of Century Gothic or Avant Garde)
- increase the number of forum topics per page
- allow video embedding
- be a little kinder about post moderation when we post links We hang out A LOT HERE, and contribute A LOT of content, so it'd be nice if you can make the site on the whole better. Thanks :D


the second one is way much better than the older pic. its more gossip girl-like, good job GG Insiders! cheers :)

I love you

vanessa lily and rufus are kinda creepin me out in the second one and i just love how beautiful taylor momsen looks arrgghhh i cant decide


I think they should use the first one for the cover of the dvd season 3


Why is the teal one out :( Does that mean no change in color for the site ?


rufus and lily should be removed, vanessa-not needed either. apart from that, I like the 2nd better, I particularly HATE Serena's pose in the 1st one for some reason


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