Blair Waldorf Fashion: The College Years

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Below is a four-minute video feature in which Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman discusses how he is outfitting Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) this season.

We previously saw Eric's breakdown of Serena's style for Season 3. Now he's talking about how the show is reinventing Blair's look with her matriculating at NYU.

Blair, of course, is anti-NYU by nature, and this shines through in her fashion choices. How will she reconcile this in the coming season of Gossip Girl? See below.

Check out this preview of Blair Waldorf fashion - with a bonus look at Chuck Bass' new look (modeled after Michael Douglas' character in the film Wall Street) ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Style Preview: Blair"] [/video]

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oohh I want chuck's brooch where can i get it or something like it?


i love chuck"s clothes


I love their clothes! The new episode of Blair-fashion is awesome!
But whatever happened to Chucks scarf?


i love eric daman. if i was rich i'd hire him so fast. lol its so hard finding blair inspired clothes. im not rich


Eric Damian is a GENIUS! Love Blair's looks. Love Serena's looks. Love Chuck's looks. Love Dan's looks.


This was so good, and the pieces that he choes really do reflect their personality. He is a fashion God.


3:30 - 3:32 OMGG Chuck is sooo hawt there!!!


oh and i forgot to mention the part where eric daman goes
"she's wearing a brooch. he's wearing a brooch. it's insane" XD did that make anyone else smile?


^i agree, it's just hilarious how he just says "hey" with a sheepish smile after she just blew up.
and i love how blair goes "let's go home" and then chuck and blair briefly hold hands :D (yay)


hilarious how blair catches chuck nearly cheating on her and all he can say is "hey". is he cheating on her on purpose? to make her angry so they can have angry sex? i don't get it. :(

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