Blair Waldorf Fashion: The College Years

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Below is a four-minute video feature in which Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman discusses how he is outfitting Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) this season.

We previously saw Eric's breakdown of Serena's style for Season 3. Now he's talking about how the show is reinventing Blair's look with her matriculating at NYU.

Blair, of course, is anti-NYU by nature, and this shines through in her fashion choices. How will she reconcile this in the coming season of Gossip Girl? See below.

Check out this preview of Blair Waldorf fashion - with a bonus look at Chuck Bass' new look (modeled after Michael Douglas' character in the film Wall Street) ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Style Preview: Blair"] [/video]

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I love blair


I agree with Sara! the scene when Chuck says "Hey" to Blair is just so sweet und Chuck's little smile....


i love blair and chuck together especially chuck i love chuck


that purple dress is soooo pretty!!! I wantttt!!!!!


wow Blair is going to look incrediable this season!!!
and Chuck too!
omg he looks so hot in his buisness suits!
and i loved that little chair scene where Chuck is like "hey" in a really sweet way to Blair.
cant wait for season 3!!


this show is so amazing bc the fashion choices and Manhattan-great to see they keep up
i'd love to see more of the amazing style of Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively as well!!!


wow, that was a great clip. they showed so many scenes from the upcoming season about chuck and blair. and i love blair's purple dress. she will be gorgeous on NYU.


Blair looks awesome per usual. :)




Chuck looks really hot rocking the business man style...xD

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