Bored to Death Recap: Series Premiere

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Bored to Death is a new comedy series on HBO.

In the series premiere,  Jason Schwartzman stars as Jonathan Ames. He is a New York writer struggling with writers block. On a whim he decides to become a private detective. His first client is a young woman in search of her missing sister.

Read on to find out more about Jonathan's first comedic (mis)adventures as a private eye in the Stockholm Syndrome.

Pretend Private Eye

[Photo: Paul Schiraldi, HBO]

Here are a few of our favorite Bored to Death quotes from the series premier...

George: Men face reality. Women don't. That why men need to drink. | permalink

Jonathan: It's dangerous to go cold turkey - I'm down to white wine. | permalink

Ray: I never should have started dating a woman with kids. I have to be the only child in a woman's life. | permalink

Ray: You can't do that. That's illegal.
Jonathan: I say that I'm not license. And that makes it more legal... ish. | permalink

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