First Grey's Anatomy Preview: "Good Mourning" / "Goodbye"

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We've read all the spoilers and episode summaries, and seen some fleeting glimpses of the new season via promos. But no real scenes from the sixth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy have been revealed for our enjoyment ... until this morning!

It's safe to say, after watching the clip from the Thursday, September 24 premiere below, that we won't have to wait long for quality MerDer love this season. Also, Seattle Grace's "other" newlyweds, Alex and Izzie, may be getting a change of address.

It's actually not clear which part of the two-part "event" this clip is from. It could be from "Goodbye," and not "Good Mourning." In any case, we think you'll enjoy it.

Check out the sneak preview clip below and share your comments!

[video url="" title="Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Premiere Sneak Peek"] [/video]

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I'm an Alex/Izzie fan and even I agree that Izzie was more in love with George. I really do feel like she's settling with Alex after realizing she has nobody else, and I kind of feel bad for Alex because he's completely head over heels for her, and I think he always has been from the very beginning. I like them as a couple, but you're right, their relationship isn't healthy. But I suppose that makes for interesting television?


Definitely not Meredith's sounds so different. Even in episodes where she is sick, her voice still doesn't sound that flat. And Derek is mean to Izzie and Alex sometimes...remember the whole "in this hospital I'm not your roommate" thing? I guess Izzie and Alex do need a new place, but still, I really miss George, Izzie and Meredith living together.


its probally a while later after george died but i see what you mean kinda weird that they seem so happy...


Alex might really love Izzie in a neurotic, abusive, disturbing kind of way (the whole I can't live without you is super creepy) but Izzie never loved him the same way. And she was in love with George. Did you miss her whole love declaration where she told him she didn't just love him as a best friend, she was IN LOVE with him? She was sure about it. She showed a lot more passion in it than in her love declaration to Alex. Oh wait, she had no love declaration to Alex, did she? As for chemistry, it's subjective but AI have all the chemistry of a wet noodle while George and Izzie had hot hot hot chemistry!


Have to agree with those of you who think that Mer doesn't sound like Mer at all. And derek is as hot as ever. LOL kinda disappointed in the spoiler though not what i thought it would be.


I just saw it...definitely better. Giggles and all...much better scene. I still hate that Izzie is all judgmental about the whole thing but whatever. S6 is off to a good start. :)


There's a new version of this one with the right voices, you can watch it on and it is even getting hotter with the right voices if you listen very well :P


Sorry if my English is bad... I really love Alex and Izzie.. I hope that their relationship is strong... It's a boring storyline if you see the couples in the drama having on and off relationship... I think Izzie love George as a friend... I still remember when Izzie told George that she don't want to lose her best friend.... Both of them agreed that they only suits as a best friend... Of course Izzie will misses George..... Izzie loves Alex.... Denny is not the man she loved... When she thinks about her future, and how she wants to spend the rest of her life... Alex is the man she loves...... Alex and Izzie have a great chemistry... You can see how Alex has changed... He don't know how to express his feelings, but with Izzie, he's willing to learn... He really loves Izzie... I think Alex has told Izzie many times that he can't live without Izzie.... Oh God... He really has can the previous season how Alex really become a man!!! The wedding scene and his vows is the best scene ever... Enough with new interns... Please focus on the main characters... I really hope that there will be no breakup for the couples... It's really frustrated to see last season, the couples are together,... and the next season they will break up... I mean, get a new storyline... Doesn't mean that there is no breakup couple, the story for the whole season is not good, or boring... hope to see Alex and Izzie will stay together... Alex has screwed their relationship twice. It's hard to see if they will be together again after another breakup... I hope that KH will not only stay for another season.... Alex and Izzie forever....


For everyone who's complaining about having to watch the episodes months later - you don't have to. I'm brazilian and I watch grey's episodes the day after they are aired in the US through the website
If you need subtitles, there are people who do that too. Look it up at orkut.


Theres NO way that's mer's voice.
And hey, what people do to grieve is their deal. Let them be!

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In medical school, we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.

Meredith (narrating)

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