First Grey's Anatomy Preview: "Good Mourning" / "Goodbye"

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We've read all the spoilers and episode summaries, and seen some fleeting glimpses of the new season via promos. But no real scenes from the sixth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy have been revealed for our enjoyment ... until this morning!

It's safe to say, after watching the clip from the Thursday, September 24 premiere below, that we won't have to wait long for quality MerDer love this season. Also, Seattle Grace's "other" newlyweds, Alex and Izzie, may be getting a change of address.

It's actually not clear which part of the two-part "event" this clip is from. It could be from "Goodbye," and not "Good Mourning." In any case, we think you'll enjoy it.

Check out the sneak preview clip below and share your comments!

[video url="" title="Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Premiere Sneak Peek"] [/video]

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I am confused, Anuflas. Are you talking to me? Because I did say I might have overacted about the George thing and was going to give it a chance and see the whole thing.


ok is it just me or does merideth not sound like merideth AT ALL?!


Ok, look. It's 39 seconds of ONE episode. How can you tell that the season is going to be like that? Plus, how can anyone be sure of the way that George will be mourned? He will be but again, everyone has different reactions to it. I'm not telling you that you shouldn't be upset but can you give it a chance to see how he'll be remembered? Spoilers have continually said that he was very much liked at SGH, so his death isn't going to just be forgotten.


What Nelson says makes sense. "Good Mourning" is too soon for Izzie to be out of the hospital, so maybe this is from "Goodbye" (when some time has passed), which would explain it all (except for the newlyweds comment, that is).


Love MerDer but hate Alex and Izzie. I loved Gizzie and Dizzie. I'll miss George soooooooooo much. It sucks they couldn't write for our George and TR quit because of it. Are they even bringing back George's brothers for his death?


yes!!1 i agreeee i think is not ellen's sounds so different from her's .....but lets think it's just some technical issues....hahahaha


Awh, we get to see Meredith and Derek/ Izzie and Alex as married couples finally :)


haha funny i dont think thats ellen pompeos voice tho it really doesnt sound like her idk i cant wait till the 24th!!


"The keys to my trailer. Your new home. Enjoy." OH MY GOD, this is freakin hilarious!!! Hahaha, did you see their faces- they're like WTF?! Very, very good!


I don't understand how Izzy can be out of the hospital already? She was dead. Not only out of the hospital but feeling good? Seems unrealistic.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

In medical school, we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.

Meredith (narrating)

According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, when we're dying or have suffered a catastrophic loss, we all move through five distinct stages of grief. We go into denial because the loss is so unthinkable we can't imagine it's true. We become angry with everyone, angry with survivors, angry with ourselves. Then we bargain. We beg. We plead. We offer everything we have, we offer our souls in exchange for just one more day. When the bargaining has failed and the anger is too hard to maintain, we fall into depression, despair, until finally we have to accept that we've done everything we can. We let go. We let go and move into acceptance.

Meredith (narrating)

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