Gossip Girl Round Table: "Reversals of Fortune"

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As readers sound off in our Reversals of Fortune" include memorable lines, Chair's sexy antics, Nate's family drama, rich boy Dan, the jet-setting wild child known as Serena and the semi-useless enigma known as Vanessa.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: Blair's observation that a model "looks like she needs a sandwich." Clearly a jab at new, fellow CW star Mischa Barton (of The Beautiful Life).

LovelyLively: I'm going with a series of quotes in which we learn that Serena hooked up with Cristiano Ronaldo and possibly Prince Harry, while Chuck once hit it with Ivanka Trump. Man these Upper East Siders get around!

Gossip Guy: Almost all my favorite quotes were uttered by Dan this episode. The guy was on fire! In particular I loved when responded to Vanessa's comments about $100 bills with "Do you know how hard it is to break one of those things? I don't know why they even make them." I've made the same cheesy joke when I was pretending to be rich off my singular $100 bill! Love that guy.

Mister Meester: Cheesy as it was, Chuck really got me with "I'm not Chuck Bass without you." How can you not love new, mutually-in-love Chair?

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2. Chuck and Blair's game: Hot, boring or asking for trouble?

DANdy: Boring! The best they come up with is Chuck flirting with a girl and Blair interrupting his supposed infidelity before it's realized? Please. Chair can do better. Seems like this was only invented to confuse viewers at the outset.

Mister Meester: Hot! As the man himself said last season, what do you expect, Chuck and Blair go to the movies? He likes hitting on girls, she likes putting inferior ones down. Everyone wins! Whatever helps them spice it up.

LovelyLively: Asking for trouble. Serena nailed it when she talked about the slippery slope. Fortunately, both Chuck and Blair seem to realize there's a time and place for games, but simply being together can be exciting too.

Gossip Guy: I'm gonna be honest, it made me kind of uncomfortable. But whatever, Chair is still the hottest couple ever and Chuck even proved how romantic they were when he told Blair "I'm not Chuck Bass without you."

3. Rate Vanessa's uselessness this week on a scale of 1-10.

Gossip Guy: First off, I just wanted to say how much I've missed the round table for these questions alone. Holy crap Vanessa sucks. Look, when I was redesigning the header last month, I almost decided I no longer hate Vanessa because of how hot she looked. Then she shows up with hair so nappy it has flies in it (rewatch the outdoor scenes), a relationship with the lamest long lost brother actor they could have cast, and back to the same annoying anti-rich rants that even Dan got bored of. Stop being so useless or I will be forced to remove you from the header. 11.

Mister Meester: 6. She got in one fight with Dan and acted like it's the end of the world. But if there's one thing Vanessa totally would become indignant over, it's D selling out. I also don't mind her and Scott together.

DANdy: 7.5. Hey, she wasn't serving coffee and she was hanging out with people her own age. Those are major steps for V.

LovelyLively: 5. At least we saw some signs of life. She and Scott are - dare I say it - kind of cute? Maybe? A little? That actor is pretty bad, though. Is he supposed to be creepy, or can he just not pull off emotional and conflicted?


4. Will Nate really cut ties with his family - and what does his grandfather have up his sleeve?

LovelyLively: You don't cut ties with the Vanderbilts. They cut ties with you. The only question is how they try to use Nate (and Bree) to their advantage.

DANdy: Hmm ... the creepy old grandfather or the hot, young Joanna Garcia? See ya, Vanderbilts! As for said creepy grandfather: Considering that he hung up on Tripp without revealing his plan, I assume his goal is to save money on cell phone minutes and use the extra cash to do something mischievous.

Gossip Guy: I really think Nate will cut ties. It definitely has nothing to do with his grandfather's plan take advantage of Nate's relationship with Bree. It has everything to do with the Ferrari. Kind of a little cheese to take to college. What is this, Entourage? Show some class, Archibalds.

Mister Meester: Whether Nate tries to cut ties is irrelevant, since the grandfather is plotting to leak a Nate-Bree sex tape. Sure, this would sabotage his own grandson as well as Bree, but Nate is kind of his family's black sheep anyway, and these things are always worse for the girl. Yay, double standards!

Nate, Bree and Grandfather

WARNING: What the grandfather says and what he means are quite different.

5. Do you like the new Dan?

Gossip Guy: Hells yeah! Dan started off as my favorite character before he was quickly replaced by Chuck. But now, Dan is looking and acting cool, while still delivering some of the best one liners. How can you not love this guy? Plus great new hair. I'm thinking I might have to switch mine up.

Mister Meester: Of course. Sure, he needs to be backhanded for that hundred-dollar bill comment, but Dan didn't do anything wrong. If someone handed V a wallet full of Benjamins, no way she turns it down. B!tch.

LovelyLively: Oh yeah. Dan has transitioned into his new life of privilege quite hilariously. Some of his rich boy quotes and reactions were pretty priceless.

DANdy: Do you mean the longer hair? Yes. Other than that, he makes corny jokes and feels a need to be there for Serena. Seems like the old Dan to me.

BONUS QUESTION: How do you feel about Serena and Carter as a couple?

DANdy: A couple of what? They had sex in a forest. That may make one itchy, but it doesn't make a relationship.

LovelyLively: Still undecided, but I absolutely loved the scene where Carter Baizen awkwardly walks out of the woods. One question, though: he asks if anyone's seen a girl in an orange dress. Didn't he and Serena just ... you know?

Mister Meester: I've always been a Derena guy, but she and Carter have some real chemistry. He's so shady and arrogant, but he's hot, and seems to legitimately care for her. Sounds a lot like Chuck pursuing Blair, no?

Gossip Guy: OMG. I wanted to hate them due to my obvious love of Derena, but wow. Riding off on horses together and doing it in the woods? H O T.


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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! you guys cut V out of the GGI Roundtable picture! lol i'm just taking a stab in the dark but i'm guessing gossipguy made it :)


1. Best line: "I'm not Chuck Bass without you." 2. The game? I liked it, but I needed to see some non-game, passionately-in-love Chuck and Blair first. I feel cheated of all that happy summer honeymoon, and I suspect a lot of other viewers do too. We should have watched the game begin and then end, rather than being dropped in midstream. I also suspect a lot of viewers didn't understand the game at all, judging from comments in the other thread. 3. It's okay with me that Vanessa is a self-righteous pain in the rear. It wouldn't be as fun if we liked all the characters. I see her becoming that college student who tries really hard to be Different and Cool. That postmodernist Coffeehouse Intellectual who is constantly holier-than-thou. It's the role reversal: V. becomes popular in college for playing "outsider", while B.'s social life suffers because she is honestly herself, upper east side snob. 4. The Nate storyline had potential, but they dropped the ball. The key was that Bree started off feisty, but then fell flat! Nate can't be with anyone blah, because he's already blah. For him, it's ok. The girl has to have zest, has to be difficult, has to mess with his mind some. If Bree does that, I'll enjoy this story. If not, please get it off my screen. 5. Dan was one of the few solidly good things. I look forward to this basic story all year: Dan comes into his own as the alpha male of the campus social scene. This naturally works up a love triangle conflict for Chuck and Blair, since Blair finally sees Dan as a realistic option now that he's the Leader of the pack. It also won't be hard to imagine future conflicts with Chuck that could lead to misunderstandings, and fuel the triangle. I think Dan and Blair have had some kind of weird sublimated torch burning for each other for at least a year now. Chuck is still the right one for her, but I think eventually Dan will fill a Good Guy role and Chuck will be playing Bad Guy, and Blair will find herself torn.


OMG, this may have been the worst episode of GG EVER. I absolutely hated it, it wasn't good at all! The only funny thing was Dan. Dan..! When Dan's the funniest/best thing in the episode, there is a problem. What happened to cool Blair and sexy Chuck? And did Vanessa get dreadlocks? Bad hair extensions much?

Joy waldass

I had a slow moment and forgot who Cristiano Ronaldo was lol I love the pop culture reference they have on this show :) 1. "I'm not Chuck Bass without you." Duh, my heart melted. I love Chair
2. "The game"? As much as I hate to say it, i might be asking for trouble. Could they do something else to keep their love alive. I nothing right now... But something else :P
3. Uselessness? how about an 8, mainly because she was making Dan feel bad for goodness knows what reason. Like get over yourself.
4. Cut ties? I can only hope. Grandpa Archibald, probably sabotage Nate's relationship with Bree. Darn I'm so not creative today :(
5. Dan has changed, he's a little more accepting and i can appreciate that he's trying to embrace his new life.
Bonus... SC I love them, but someone said they were 'epic'... and I love them a little less. Sorry but 'epic' belongs to CB. DANdy's responses were lmao


1. Favorite quote: All Dan's Lines (love that guy!) and Chucks "Hey" Priceless.
2. Chuck & Blair..never boring...but can see real potential with the role playing games.
3. 5
4.Nate will never break from the family..he'll just have moments of rebellion
5. love dan period...always did....he, chuck & blair have the best lines.


I missed the round table! Its so entertaining to read. They should've picked a better actor for Scott. He is really creepy and I feel sorry that Vanessa has to be with him for the time being. I hope he leaves soon.


I love reading the round table! THANK YOU! lol
and i thought chair was cute but as some of u are saying, a bit uncomfortable. and just didnt feel like chair in general. like two strangers in love tht i found cute.
and serena and carter ruled! i think they have pretty good chemistry.
CHAIR IS STILL THE BEST! just hope the next ep is better!
vanessa and scott = not interesting,
and dan is pretty funny.

Kimberly anne

Finally it has been so long waiting for season 3 and now it’s here: Dan’s hair is so ugly. I don’t really care that he’s rich now. He still bugs the heck out of me. Besides, I don’t think he belongs in “that world�. What was up with Vanessa’s hair the entire episode? I have to admit that she and Scott are kind of cute together. He’s pretty good-looking, but I feel like Scott gives off an up-to-no-good vibe. For once I thought Nate’s storyline was funny rather than pathetic and boring. And I like his new hair style, but enough about him. I thought Serena was taking up too much precious screen time with Carter that could have gone to Chair. It was so boring them. As always it’s good to save the best for last. Chuck and Blair are just simply amazing. I love Chuck’s new hair. That’s my favorite of all the guys. It really brings out the bad boy look in him. Sexy.
The first scene with Chuck and Blair and that blonde was awesome. Blair completely blew up on what’s her name that was stealing her “man�. I would give anything to call Chuck my man. Chuck in suspenders is a turn on. And when Chuck said, “Hey� in like the sweetest, most romantic way my heart just melted and I know Blair’s did too. Who wouldn’t?
Then when they started to make out it was hot! The whole game between them, I thought was “naughty�, but in a good way. Only Chair can think of something that creative. Blair definitely made the right choice when she admitted to wanting to end the game. They both know they don’t need that to be together forever.
“I’m not Chuck Bass without you�, has got to be one of his best quotes. Blair would have known by not, that she is his one and only because that quote, “I love too� and “You’re sure� are what Chuck will say ONLY to her.
Now the very last scene of Chair really got me thinking. At first I thought it was kind of overdoing it. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give up a chance to see C/B fluff but this one I thought would have been better if it was left to the imagination. But the more I thought about it the more I want to see it again. It’s really growing on me. I would love it if Chuck was my waiter and came to serve me. Blair just has all the luck and fun on the show.
Best Couple Ever.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
I love the thing Blair said about the model, "Ew adam's apple!" Best thing ever.
2. Chuck and Blair's game: Hot, boring or asking for trouble?
Asking for trouble. I mean they're great together but wth!
5. Do you like the new Dan?
I love new Dan. More please.


heyy! where can a i get to see the episode online?? surfthechannel isnt showining it yettt!! pleaseeeee!!

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