Grey's Anatomy: Season Six Premiere Spoilers

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The first episode of Season Six of Grey's Anatomy is very dark, as the cast hinted and creator Shonda Rhimes has flat-out stated throughout the long offseason.

In the opinion of some, the show's executive producer may have tried to ease viewers in to a George-less Grey's Anatomy, it just wouldn't work. He was too special.

Even if there are fans who may not have liked George, in Seattle Grace, everybody liked him.

Just how beloved George was is clear in how people react to his death.

The Coffin

We'll save the Grey's Anatomy spoilers for after the jump. Click to read some details of what you can expect in the first episode of the upcoming season, "Good Mourning" ...

There will be:
  • A severed arm
  • A short, strange funeral scene
  • An appearance by George's mom
  • Talk about George's male anatomy
  • People reacting in strange, strange ways to his death.

While there were those who did the requisite crying and staring into space, Grey's Anatomy fans should watch out for one or two pronounced, life-changing reaction.

In short, the episode is all about George O'Malley, and rightly so.

Meanwhile, the person least affected with George's demise gets her own plot line. Arizona Robbins will try to do her job as virtually everyone around her is still reeling.

As seen in one of the promos, there is also the matter of the Chief and Derek in talks over the Chief of Surgery position - but "in talks" may be too soft a term.

The talk between George's mom and one of the surgeons may prove to be one of the more heartbreaking scenes in an episode that in itself is heartbreaking.

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Oh God, I never ever want to see Isiah Washington on Grey ever again. The way he insulted TR. And after the way TR has been treated since IW got fired, that would be the worst insult ever to our sweet TR.


this will be a sad episode but good! i think that maybe Burke will come back and Christina will be confused with how she will feel! this is going to be a good season! pretty sure Meredith will get pregnant since she really is! : )


Anuflas, I get that the whole season can't be sad but by the spoilers, they all seem over him by episode 2. It's way too soon for me. Couldn't they have let him mourn him at least 3 or 4 episodes?


We got a few great scenes with George last season, and to me they were the best scenes of the season. How can you say it makes no difference? It does to me and to everyone who loved George. A little George is better than no George at all. I can't even imagine the show or Izzie without him. I love George more than I have ever loved any character on TV and I'm devastated by this.


It makes a huge difference for me. I spent the whole last season missing George, my favorite character, and Gizzie, my favorite couple and friendship. The rare moments I did see him last season, I treasured. Just seeing him 2 minutes made the whole episode for me. So for the many of us who love George, and I know we are the majority, George dying and never coming back at all even for visits make all the difference in the world, the difference between watching or not. I know Shonda will let us down. They will all have forgotten George by episode 2 so i'm gone.


And...some pictures to go with it...


George was my favorite character. I hope that his story does not end here.


Clancy, i think the big difference to last season is that george is not just appearing for few moments, he's a goner, he's dead and -if shonda learnd from that silly denny-ghost-storyline- we will never see him again on screen. At least for the george/gizziefans there's much change this season. i'm pretty curious about the "talk about george's male anatomy"..what could this mean? :)


personally, george is an important character but for the last season, he is virtually not there so it makes no difference. i am one of the people who doesn't really like george o'malley's plot line. anyways, what i will miss is their friendship.


I know I will...I've got tissues ready to go!

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