Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Trouble For Lexie and Mark

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Is trouble on the horizon for Mark and Lexie on Grey's Anatomy? You knew there had to be. Here's what executive producer Krista Vernoff tells TV Guide about that couple ...

Q: Do you have any Mark/Lexie scoop for Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy? Love them!

A: I know you won't believe it, but they're going to have problems. "They've got some obstacles for sure, but some of our more emotional moments have come from them," Grey's Anatomy executive producer Krista Vernoff reports.

That doesn't mean the coupling won't survive, however.

"We've done a lot of stories about people coming together, and now we have an opportunity to tell stories about people who are together," Vernoff says.

Now that's something we doubt people can argue with.

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I love Mark and Lexie, and I completely reinvested in Grey's after the disastrous ghost sex because of Mark and Lexie as a couple, and their sweet comic relief. I love watching them care for each other instead of being totally selfish like a lot of the other characters. I am sick of the same old boring "get together break up get together break up" storylines on tv, so if they give them challenges, I'd so much rather see them weather the storm together as a couple, realistically, the way that people do.


yeah me too, i really like them together and i think they are cute. i dont care about the age gap, they just seem perfect together!!


I think that Mark has been so much on his best behaviour around Lex that she hasn't really seen the real Mark . It's a shame that Lex didn't stick to her career ideas and delaying moving in with mark. It took MerDer just under two years to get together as a 'this is forever' couple. Surely we can't expect SloLex to get wed any time soon. Lex's sister Molly said Lex is a career woman, I hope Lex doesn't give up her dreams just cos Mark is a lot older than her


shonda 'll be the chief, but with your opinions want to see as we accept the story...because shonda says all ,before o after will go away...for me it means that she wants see if mexie likes...naturally this is my opinion surely an only true.IN ALL these years ,i learned as shonda thinks ,between lines.I hope to do a mistake...


sorry for my english to helen I don't think mark and lexie ruin nothing, if you don't like them it's your opinion and it's fine. Their story is not the best and I hope shonda make it better this season but there were bad moments in the show with another characters and I don't think it ruined the show to deme you'd respect krista's opinion, I'd have liked a mark and mer couple, and what? do yo think shonda listened me? I hope we don't start another war like before about this, everybody has a favourite couple and character and that isn't going to change, at the end shonda is the chief


I love Lexie and Mark, I think they're adoreable.
I don't mind the agedifference, my boyfriend is much older than me and we are doin very well. I think Chyler Leigh is a lovely actress. Lexie hasn't gotten the big deep stories yet, so we've not seen that side of her, but she's fun and smart and very cute and nice.
I don't think they're going to replace Meredith and Derek with Lexie and Mark, but I actually like the latter better...


They are not that bad!! Cute.. but I prefer Mark with Callie. And they can't be the next Meredith and Derek, cause MerDer can never be replaced by anyone!!


x KRISTA...if you want to replace MER with Lexie ,there isn't story because ELLEN IS ELLEN AND LEXIE is boring, worn out.If you don't see it so you don't understand that the fans want


I don't like them because I think they have no chemistry and are borring, but that's just me. I love him with Callie a lot more, and I liked george and Lexie. Also I just don't like Lexie that much.


They are the most unrealistic couple.
Lexie acts really bad and MArk is far from being likeable. They just ruin the show since they arrived.

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