Heroes Set Shot: Claire the Cheerleader

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In an interview last month, Hayden Panettiere said her Heroes character just wants a "normal life" when the NBC drama returns with new episodes on September 21.

We know this means Claire will try to fit in at college, but does it also mean she'll return to her former cheerleading ways?

Yes, if the set shots below are to be believed. Panettiere is donning a uniform that looks very similar to her most common outfits on season one of the show. Check it out:

Claire the Cheerleader
A Cheerleader Again

Will Heroes try to save the cheerleader and save the world again this season? Is this a good idea? Sound off in our Heroes forum! [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

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Oh dear...
the last flashback episode sucked.


Oh please, this is so part of the flashback episode, Jackie is even alive in some photos.
She isn't going to become a cheerleader again and it's not that the outfit looks LIKE the season 1 outfit, it IS the season 1 outfit.
We're either going to find out what would have happened to Claire had Sylar not killed Jackie (probably more bitching and punching each other?), if Hiro had stopped/killed him (as the rumours suggest) or we'll see some additional stuff that happened to Claire that wasn't revealed in season 1.


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