House and Wilson to Go Apartment Hunting

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On this week's incredible, movie-like premiere of House, viewers only saw Wilson interact with his best pal for a few moments.

But this hilarious tandem will be the focus of a future, promising storyline on the series, as producer Katie Jacobs tells Entertainment Weekly.

“Wilson is still living in Amber’s apartment,” Jacobs told Michael Ausiello. “And we said to ourselves, ‘How long can he live in the shadow of that relationship?’”


It looks like about 18 months is the limit, as Jacobs said: “He’s actually going to move out of Amber’s apartment and into a new place way down the line in episode 8 or 9.”

But he won't do so alone: House and Wilson will search for a new place together, as the temporary roommate situation that begins next week becomes more permanent. We can only imagine the hijinks that will take place in this bachelor pad.

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