Inked: Ed Westwick Gets Two New Tattoos

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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick recently got a pair of brand new tattoos at a tattoo parlor, which he showed off in these photos taken in N.Y. City.

The tattoos are:

  • A large feather covering the back of his left arm-tricep area
  • A topless pin-up girl with a red cloth wrapped around her waist, with the words “She’s a pin up” printed on top of said female

Check out the Ed Westwick pictures below and see what you think ...

  • Ed Westwick Tattoo
  • Ed Westwick New Tattoo

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totally pointless


I hate it!!! Why did you get tattoos Ed?!?!?! Why?!?!


Tattoos are cool, but these look like they are totally pointless. He looks like a sailor or like he just got out of jail because of the girl and the feather:S


I really dont like it.




ed!!! the feather is *sighs* not good to look at.


looks as bad as it must have felt


How f-ing big must the bird be that that feather came from??? An Emu???


eew..why a feather?!?! hate the tattoos!


ggoddess - I think the reason we never see Chuck topless like Nate and Carter is because Chace and Sebastian have SICK bodies. I love me some Westwick, but he's definitely no beefcake. I think topless women tattoos are a little "drunken sailor" trash-tastic, but it's his epidermis, not mine.

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