Kate Walsh Teases Ramifications of Private Practice Season Premiere Events

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It shouldn't come as a major Private Practice spoiler to announce that Violet survives an intense ordeal on Thursday night's season premiere.

But Kate Walsh assures fans this storyline won't just go away as soon as Violet is safe and sound. The star told TV Guide this week:

"It's still present. That's one thing that's so great about [creator Shonda Rhimes]. She doesn't just resolve something quickly and move on, she kind of plays [with] the reality of the situation. You're going to see a big shift in Violet and everybody in the practice about the aftermath of it. It doesn't just go away in one episode."

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Love, love, love PP and the entire cast. Great job with the season opener. Even watched all of the commercials because I didn't want to miss a second of it. Why was Violet at the funeral at the end? She didn't even know him then.


I like Violet's story. I think it will be intense and great to watch. She is extremely talented and will do an amazing job with this material. I am excited to see what happens to her in the aftermath of it all.


I know! I wish more people watched PP, it's really good!


I just hope we don't see everyone on edge and depressed because Violet can't come to terms with the attack. Depression would be bad for the show. And of course we will keep checking this website - it would be nice to see a few other people commenting on here once in a while, though. This is definitely NOT Grey's Anatomy Insider. Sorry.


I'd be happy for the Violet storyline to go away. It was crap !

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