L.J. Smith: Thrilled with The Vampire Diaries!

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Based on viewer and critic reaction, most people are satisfied so far with Vampire Diaries.

But the opinion of one woman might mean more to producer Kevin Williamson than anyone else: author L.J. Smith.

Fortunately, the person responsible for the book series on which the show is based told MTV that she's thrilled with what she's seen so far.

The Vampire Diaries Cast

"I think they have done an incredible job of interpreting it, especially presenting it for a teen audience," she said. "I love the music. I love the cinematography, I think the cast is fabulous. I especially like Damon. Ian Somerhalder does very well. But I really, really like the Elena that they picked, Nina Dobrev. Even though she's brunette, and not blond, which took some getting used to for me because in the book she's blond, she's a great actress. And I love the Stefan that they've picked."

As the individual behind the storylines, it makes sense that Smith is privy to a few Vampire Diaries spoilers. Without giving anything away, she hinted that there is plenty of Elena/Damon interaction to come:

"It looks like they're starting off with a very strong Elena, one that's going to stand up to Damon, which I love. The scenes between them are going to be terrific."

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well the new series is AMAZING!! damon is turning out to be the good one, but elena is getting sneaky and bonnie well bonnie is risking her life! I CANT BELIVE IT!


A great show. I hope there will be many more seasons to come.


why is everyone against poor Stefan , he so cute ad nice , and better than Damon.:(
I like Stefan better than Damon.


but the really, dying question is...'the song that was playing while Stefan was 'trying out for the football team" Who knows who sings that song ??? It's been driving me crazy....I heard it ages ago and never knew he did the song...I love that song !!!! PLEASE TELL ME !!! I think...maybe ...just maybe it is Stefan who is the bad one and Damon is the good one...hard to think at this time and only so far into the show but....something tells me, Stefan isn't as innocent as he plays. I foresee a huge twist to come !


see everyone loves damon! i love him! i really want him and elena to get together....stefan is hot and all but so stalker creepy with how caring he is. but i'm also a sucker for them hot bad boys!

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