More Sneak Previews From "The Lost Boy"

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Earlier this week, we posted some sneak previews for "The Lost Boy," one of which showed Blair struggling to pry Chuck away from his work. Well, here's another clip featuring our beloved Chair, and things are getting dicier.

It turns out there's an item up for bid at a Soethby's auction that Chuck desperately wants to woo a real estate partner, but Blair also needs to secure initiation into an elite college society. This ought to be really interesting ...

[video url="" title="The Lost Boy Sneak Preview #3"][/video]

Follow the jump for another clip from "The Lost Boy," in which Nate and Bree contemplate taking the next step in their relationship: not sneaking around ...

[video url="" title="The Lost Boy Sneak Preview #4"][/video]

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I get the feeling all the actors are now looking beyond their characters and focusing on bigger and better things e.g. movie/music careers. Possibly burning the candle at both ends, trying to have it all, a fantastic tv programme, and a satisfying 'personal' life, whilst climbing the celebrity ladder. I want CHAIR to continue for atleast one more series after this one. Then possibly bring in an all new cast like they did with Skins (which amazingly worked).


Blair/Leighton looks much better with darker hair. It contrasts better with Serena's lion mane, bringing out her dark /mysterious side. It was the fact that Leighton got so much pleasure revealing and exploring her own 'wild' side through Blair that made it so beleivable and hot!


Before someone attacks me, I really really reeally loove blair, BUT she has changed! And thats obviously. In the first season she was more glamourus,arrogant(not in a bad way) and also mean. She was like unreachable and she always acted like she didn’t care at all. (Of course everybody knew she cares, but she was always to proud to show that) And that’s what fascinated me about her! This strength that she had, not to show how vulnerable she really is. But know she acts like everyone else, without this „bitchy attitiude“. I don’t know how to explain. She was just always like „I don’t care what you’re talking“ and „I’m better than you“ =) =).and now (I have to admit) she acts a bit childish. She’s still blair, but not the same blair that I started to like soo much!! I hope you know what I mean. I just miss the old blair, who’s more bitchy and acts more glamourus. I hope this blair will comeback this season soon. But don’t get me wrong! She’s still my favourite character in this show!


I loove chair...they are still amazing and great...!!! loove them...they are soo cute!!


OOps I meant Wuthering!!!


I think Blair has lost some of her power now she has succumbed to her true feelings. I think/hope the writers are going to make her the 'weak' one in the beginning but then there will be a turn around where Chuck can't handle how strongly he feels for her and acts 'cowardly' e.g. sleeping with someone else. Bring back the fireworks. I think they will then reconcile 'amazingly' (I hope), but I have a feeling the writers will leave us hanging at the end of this season with a sad twist, to keep us wanting more.
P.S I like Blair's hair in this scene, it makes her look very 'Weithering Heights' I would so love her to be Ed's Cathy. Keep the romance alive.


i love leighton. chuck and blair though? noo .
bree and nate is kinda cute....


As for Nate and Bree Im kind of indifferent. Maybe it's because I root for his grandfather.)))) Maybe because everything is known in advance nowdays, that this actress will feature in a couple of episodes so I can't be excited enough because it will not affect the whole plot. Though still hope that this story is here for a purpose and sometime in the future it will change his destiny or smth else... Maybe the reference about Romeo & Juliette promises something dramatic (not real death but close to that)... I personally don't like Crawford but the majority does so it's kind of interesting why the writers don't pair him with Serena 4 example fist for the sake of ratings, popularity etc. (Hmm I don't believe I've said that! Considering my long lasting S&D obsession ...) so something significant must be done about his character IMO .


Im not the biggest fan of C and B but I love that this situation is quite natural for them. That's why they're popular. But I personally want Blair to become less manipulative and childish but Blair is Blair and she won't change in near future IMO. But I'd like to see how someday she will get friends by for example really helping someone not buying him.
As for their relationship w/Chuck I sometimes think that they'll be popular no matter what, just because they're Ed and Leigton. I probably like them for that in 1st place, cause in real life I wouldn't be a friend of any of their characters for sure.)) So it will be interesting how the writers will show their relationships further.
For me the most interesting is this whole Georgina thing. It would be quite interesting how Blair will work it out. Hope that Chuck will be instrumental in puting her in her place. Although I quite like Georgie as an interesting villain figure and will be disappointed if she leaves.(


And oh, did anyone even watch the Nate and Bree clip?? Hahahaha.

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