Presenting: Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley's New Baby!

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Prepare for cute overload. Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley have completed their adoption of a baby girl from Korea, and she is adorable.

Heigl's spokeswoman, Melissa Kates says, the couple named the 10-month-old baby Nancy Leigh, after the actress's mother Nancy and her sister Margaret Leigh.

Nancy Leigh will go by the nickname Naleigh.

Both parents and Naleigh are together and doing well. They will be posting more photos and info soon on the website of Katherine's animal rescue foundation.

Congratulations to the happy family!

Katherine Heigl Baby Photo

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katherine , i think that you are a very good actress. and you also look like your,e being a good wife and mother to your little girl.i hope that your are getting the nice spiritual liture that i am sending you, and that you are beniftting from it. bye for now sincerly janet gerlach


Luv u Katherine


Congrats Katherine! lovely!


I've just read Kelly's post and I'm disgusted. Why in the hell did you come here and why did you post that comment? This site is not for who hates Grey's Anatomy, maybe you didn't read the title. The most of us likes Katherine, and even if somebody doesn't, they don't just write omg she's a fucking bitch and hell is all that she deserves. At least, if you think this, don't say mean things bout Naleigh. God, she's just a cute baby, and you said that she's asian in the way you could have said : She's a bitch. Honey, maybe you didn't realise that racism is getting REALLY stupid. It has always been, of course, but honey, wake up! The president of the US is black! Stop being such a jerk and, for the love of God and of all the human beings around you: GET A LIFE!


Oh what a cute family pic! The baby girl's adorable. :) I'm really happy for them! I'm sure that Katherine's gonna be an amazing mom!!


awww sooooooo cute :D


Jessica I appreciate the fact you are berating Kelly for her disgusting behavior, but wth bring midwesterners into the picture? You are just as bad as she is! Just because someone is not from an "urban city of literacy", does not mean they are fat, ignorant, and "inbred". Have you ever been to the midwest? I've been all over the world, am currently living in South Korea, and I have never met people as hospitable and friendly as those in the midwest. In bashing an ignorant racist you have indicated yourself as an ignorant person discriminating against those with rural upbringings. You should be ashamed of yourself by further tarring this thread about the newly expanded KH family.
KH, congratulations, I wish you and your family all the best!




I think they are a beautiful family, and Katherine Heigl is such a wonderful person. She has most definitely won my respect (not that she didn't have it already). Kelly, you are an ignorant bitch. 'nuff said. I love Jessica's post by the way. :D


the cutest picture ever! :P Great for Katherine and her hubby:)


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