"The Lost Boy": What Did You Think?

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"The Lost Boy" just finished airing. So ... well? You tell us.

We thought there were elements to this episode that were classic Gossip Girl - humor, scheming, backstabbing, intertwining story lines and plot twists galore.

Did it work for you, though?

Here's our episode guide if you need a refresher, or what to relive the drama. Then tell us how you feel about the third episode of the year by voting below.

Did it live up to the hype? Is the third season just not doing it for you so far? Are you loving every second of it? Leave comments with all of your thoughts!

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Making Their Bid

"The Lost Boy" was ...

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I'm late with this comment but I just had to post one anyway to agree with all the bad comments, especially passerby's on the first page. This was my favorite show ever, it was so good. I can't believe how a new season can suddenly be SO terrible and boring. I'm so disappointed.


Just have to say what has Vanessa ever brought to GG?
First of all she just got in the way of Dan and Serena, then Nate and Jenny, now she is just a diversionary tactic to prolong the Scott revealing his true identity to Lily and Rufus debarcle.
I am sure Jessica would be far better in a different sereies (hint, hint). Unless something mega dramatic happens we will never care about her. I get the impression she (Jessica) swings form just being happy to part of something so cool and totally pissed off she is not getting any decent storylines. Let's face it the character (or acting) is just plain dull.


Episode was fairly good, think it's picking up a bit now which is a relief! The only thing that annoyed me is why does Vanessa always feel that its her place to tell everyone everything. She was about to tell Scott's secret to Dan before Gorgina interrupted its not her secret to tell aghhh I don't know why but she annoys me!


Waw i loved this Episode not boring at all and i loved C and B in this one waw this is the way they have to act as boyfriend and girlfriend!! i like it when they scheme and play with eachother thats so great!!it will be super funny and adorable and at the end show them lOVE!! because they do love eachother this is my season 3 favoriet episode!! till now please GG dont break them up!! i will miss them they are so cute!!


Yeah, so far Season 3 kinda sucks....And that little punk brother of theres is a pussy, he needs to get his balls back from his adopted mom. The writers need to review season one and two and learn from those episodes in those seasons...


My favorite episode so far this season. Great Chair action--that always makes for a good show. I thought it was weird that Scott admitted to Vanessa that he was Rufus & Lily's son immediately when she confronts him. I would have thought he would lie to her. But I thought that story was actually pretty good. He might actually make Vanessa interesting this season. I love Scarter. Carter is the first person I like Serena with other than Dan. I don't think Dan & Serena should get back together now, it would be weird with the whole Scott thing & Rufus & Lily getting married. I'm ready to see Georgina do something psycho--that's always interesting. The Nate stuff was boring and he was hardly there!I thought Bree was boring too until the end when she talked to Carter. But I will always want Nate & Jenny together. Speaking of, we need more Jenny. I loved the ending w/ Chuck & Blair!!! I like the bickering/making up thing. Best couple on TV!


chuck needs to be there for blair a little more, seems to be on his terms more than hers- shouldn't he be supporting her when she's having a hard time fitting into college? Apart from that, as I've said before, this ep rocked a phat one!


Because we have to wait!!! A loved up CHAIR episode must be coming soon or we will feel cheated.


hahaha kimmie u crack me up "Can Dan ever do one episode without stuttering or babbling? Seriously, guys who do that can sometimes be cute but if it’s in their nature that I am going to have a heart attack."LOL. and i agree with chairplay, why cudnt bass say ily baack?? ugh


"All the insults serioulsy need to stop. All the critics and haters...get off gossip girls nuts! these episodes are great, and if you don't like em, get over it. no one wants to here you constant, nagging and whining. read a book if you really don't like it that much. sheesh. Gossip Girl Is Great!!!" THANK YOU BBwaldorf92!!


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