Thomas Calabro Teases Tryst with Ashlee Simpson

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Melrose Place returns to the air tonight.

Having seen the first episode, we can confirm that The CW is as trashy, fast-paced and guilty-pleasureful as the original.

But the show is far from perfect. We have no idea what the network was thinking when it cast Ashlee Simpson-Wentz in the role if Violet Foster.

Fortunately, Thomas Calabro - who reprises his role as adulterous doctor Michael Mancini - has gotten us a bit excited about Ashlee's character. He told E! News that Michael and Violet may find themselves in bed at some point.

"It obviously wouldn't be Michael Mancini without a hookup, and he obviously has to hook up outside of his marriage... [so] it's always a possibility," Calabro said us about a possible sugar daddy relationship with Violet.

Violet Foster Photo
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Yes, viewers can expect Michael to sleep around on the new Melrose Place. But he's changed a bit: when the series premieres, he's supposedly happy with a new wife and young child. Also...

"Michael Mancini now has globs and globs of money," Calabro said. "He's got money, power and influence. Second, he's got this really pain-in-the-butt son who's 22 and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with him."

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i like ashley simpson in here, i think sidney wuz her mom

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