Why is Cameron Leaving House?

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Jennifer Morrison is NOT leaving House for good.

That's the message producer Katie Jacobs conveyed to TV Guide Magazine, as she provided background to the startling news that the actress' character, Cameron, will be exiting the Fox drama in November.

“There is a story coming that has a major consequence for Cameron and a direct impact on her role on House’s team and on her marriage [to Dr. Chase, played by Jesse Spencer],” said Jacobs.

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The producer, who also directed the season six premiere, said this plot begins after an African dictator, played by James Earl Jones, receives a controversial treatment at Princeton-Plainsboro in the October 5 episode.

“Cameron’s reaction [to the situation] is that she needs to separate from her husband and marriage and proximity from the hospital,” Jacobs said, only confirming that the character is taking a leave of absence. “If I wanted to make an announcement that Jennifer was leaving the show, I would say that. The fact is, we still don’t know how the season is going to end for Cameron or for Jennifer.”

In real life, Morrison actually dated Jesse Spencer (Chase) for awhile. They are now broken up, but Jacobs insists there is no behind the scenes drama of any kind.

"This is all driven by the storytelling, and the story tells us Cameron needs to take a break from the hospital.”

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If 'Cameron' really is on leave and returning to the show, I hope she developes a more realistic view of people instead of seeing them as she wants them to be. She attributes qualities that are non-existent and then emotionally destroyed when she sees them for who they really are. She certainly could keep her ideals intact for herself and her own behavior and at the same time, recognize other people are who and how they are. What a burden she places on others...


I think Cameron needs to stay. As many other posters have said above, she is an essential part of the show. If nothing else, Jennifer Morrison's name flashes across the screen in the beginning credits. How dumb would it be for her name to come up and her not be on the show. Also, her role of importance to Chase is way to great. As portrayed in the last episode of this season, Chase really loved her. He needs her. House I don't think cares. Sure it would be awkward to have Thirteen and Cameron on the same team, but at least put Cameron back in charge of the ER like earlier seasons and include her every week in some small fashion. Whether giving advice or just playing a supporting, yet vital role on the show. To take her off completely would be a foolish act.


I'm not that fond of Cameron's character, but I'm SO TIRED of men outnumbering women on all of my favorite shows. How many girls and women have been patients on the show compared to men and boys? I think it's like a 1:3 ratio.


Cameron is a vital part of the show and shouldn't leave. Cameron is the only female on houses original team and is one of the most important parts of the show, as are the rest of them and she shouldn't leave


BTW, does anyone else HATE Chase's hair this season & last ? It looks SO sloppy, especially for a doctor. PLEASE, Powers-That-Be, do something, anything, better with his hair. He's a great-looking guy but I can hardly stand to look @him.


I really hope Cameron is coming back. The show is not as interesting without her. I definitely like House' old team better than the new team. And Cameron is the most "human" of all the characters. I love the show, but may not keep watching if Cameron doesn't come back.


F(beep)k Cameron. Yeah. I hate her ass. She toyed with Chase, like she was God's gift when he could get any chick he wants. Good riddance. Now Chase has a chance to be happy. I won't miss her, even a little. 13 is cool, but she's dying right? So WTF? Whatcha gonna do when she kicks? Taub? C'mon? Why? Foreman, Chase and 13 is all you need, and I'm not certain anyone needs 13. And F(beep)k stupid Cuddy who is as authoritative as beer froth, and decides to hook up with the wipy PI dude that she can wrap around her old, cougar-ass finger. F(beep)k. And F(beep)k Wilson too. I had a little respect for him when he told House to go f(beep)k himself, but he's a worse bitch than he was in the beginning of the show. I mean f(beep)k dude, grow some balls already. Hmmm.. I seem to be really upset. Maybe I'm done watching House.


Honestly, I think it's good for Cameron to take a break from the show. She was always one of the weaker characters in my opinion--when me and my friends watch House (we have all the seasons on DVD and we always watch the new episodes as they come on) we'd always have a tendency to get irritated at her for wanting to get touchy-feely about everything. It was when she was relegated to the ER that we started actually liking her; she wasn't on screen enough to be annoying with her over-empathetic manner (because she was -- not even just in comparison to the other characters), and she had obviously grown as a character with how her actions came through. I do hope she comes back because she played well with the others. She gave extra depth to Chase, to House, and to Foreman's personalities, and no one still on the show has the insane amount of empathy that Cameron did. But all the same, it's also good for her to leave for a few weeks. It will give her time to develop more, and for the others to develop and think about their relationships with her, etc. I still love the original team, but Taub and 13 are pretty cool too (I've had a growing love for Taub lately, especially), but things do move on. So...whatever happens, cool.


Cameron was the best character on the show; the only likeable character. Everyone one else is either weak or morally questionable, which is entertaining for a time, but also rather annoying and eventually illogical to those who question instead of accept. House is an unwise asshole, Wilson lives vicariously through House's wickedness so he can continue to be the "good one", Cuddy is a mockery of authority so much so that it's just embarrassing, Foreman is hypocritical (also see House), and Chase has always been a moron. The new characters . . . come on, give me a break. You cannot simply introduce a new cast 5 seasons into a show. Especially one so unremarkable and inferior to that which it has replaced. 13? What kind of a buzzword name is that? Can you say trying too hard?
Er . . . yes, the point being that Cameron was the best. Everyone else sucks.
But then again, I have never really been a fan of the show . . .
And Jacobs should stop lying.


I truly hope that Cameron comes back. I adore her, Chase, and Foreman. The new team just isn't the same and I simply care about their characters less. I was just thinking how amazing the show has been with the revival of the old team back together. I feel like the show now has a blackhole that they cannot fill (even if they try and throw 13 and Tabb back in the loop). It's simply not the same and is a huge loss for the show. I desperately hope the David Shore and Katie Jacobs come to their senses. PLEASE BRING CAMERON BACK!

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