Ed Westwick Covers Arena Homme Plus

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Shirtless Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick is featured on the Winter/Spring 2009/2010 cover of Arena Homme Plus, and suffice it to say, he is looking hot.

The 22-year-old who plays Chuck Bass, and who will guest star on Californication this Sunday, sure has been raising his profile in recent months.

Check out the magazine cover below, which was apparently shot at some point before he acquired the massive amounts of new ink on his arms.

We're issuing a swoon alert ...

Ed Westwick: Arena Homme Plus

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What does his tattoo say? :D


there's no words for describe him... really sexy and hot!


I dont know guys, this is likeee soooo weird.
he looks like he came from the era 70's or something..
but dont get me wrong :) we all love ed and chuck


Wowwww!!! Ed looks hot!Extremely hot..~drool~


Love it!


Thanks for that. Like we didn't know! Ed has a big head, but he does look a little like Marlon Brando so I think that is why the chose this one for the cover. He had a bid head too. The photos inside are much better and far less posed.


he looks like gay


he loks like a gay


I guess different things appeal to everyone. Like when I was younger the idea of chest hair disgusted me, but now I don't mind it and even find some people with it attractive like Ed. He doesn't have a body like Chace, but although Chace is hot he's not the look of a guy I would go for. I feel like a lot of GG's viewers, and I DO NOT MEAN THIS IN AN OFFENSIVE WAY, are still into that younger/boyish/muscular/abercrombie model look like Chace. Where I see Ed as more manly with his strong features and such. I like this picture and I don't mind tattoos. I like it Ed lol.


he looks like a werewolf with all his disgusting chest hairs +o(


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