Gossip Girl Caption Contest 72

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans, to the 72nd Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

It was a difficult decision, but this week's winner is Blake&Pennforever.

The winning caption entry now appears beneath the photo. Honorable mentions go out to N to the S, D&S [forever] and blackjackattack.

Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week ...

Dan and Olivia Picture

O: I want to have a normal college experience!
D: Well, Vanesa has a vivid artistic imagination! Join us in our little documentary!

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HAHA I love Blairbear's:]


I agree about the replies above mine answer. the entry of (D&S)forevers' is perfect and very funny. Sorry about my english. I am horible at writing this language!!


The "man-purse" and "lizzie mcguire" captions are getting old. WAY old. I like that the one above me used Olivia's Met's shirt. It's creative, yet it's something that actually has to do with the picture, you know? Idk, I hate seeing repeats, and so far, all I see is: Olivia- Hey, nice man-purse.
Dan- Thanks, Lizzie. BLEH!


Lol. D&S[forever]'s is so funny. I remember when dan was like super impressed with nate bouncing a ball on his knee. So random. But neway. LOVE th caption!!


Olivia: I cannot believe you don't know who the "Mets" are. I mean, do you have any experience with sports?
Dan: One time, I saw Nate bounce a soccer ball off of his knee. OFF OF HIS KNEE.
Olivia: Yeah, uh, that's intense.


Olivia: Nice man-purse. Dan: Thanks! It is a compliment-purse like the compliment-watch that you will give me in a future episode. Man-purse: You are a brilliant writer! The New Yorker loves you! Faulkner has competition. Look out Fitzgerald...


Dan: So do you want to "eat pizza" with Vanessa, Georgina, or Serena? Olivia: hmm...just surprise me!


DAN: I know ive seen you somewhere, where you in Maxim recently?
HILLARY: Actually i was! but YOU probably remember me from Lizzie McGuire!
DAN: what do you mean?
HILLARY: *smiles and stares at man purse*


Olivia: Why are you looking at me like that?
Dan: This is my scrutinising look.
Olivia: It's kinda freaky.
Dan: I know, right?


Penn: why are you always smiling???
Hiliary: oh its these pills they give to all the disney channel stars. it numbs the body from reality. side affects include intense smiling and learning of life lessons.
Penn: for real???
Hiliary: oh yeah, there intense. just the other day, cole sprouse laughed through out his entire heart attack.

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