Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Bart's "Return"

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This week, we reported a developing story about the return of Robert John Burke to the Gossip Girl cast. But what does the return of Bart Bass actually entail?

Is he actually alive? Coming back only in flashbacks? Michael Ausiello of EW has dropped a hint in his spoiler Q&A today. See what you think of this tidbit ...

Q: What’s this I’m hearing about Bart Bass returning from the dead on Gossip Gir? this season? Is Chuck's father alive or is it a flashback?

A: Neither. Totally unrelated question: Are you a fan of A Christmas Carol?

Thoughts? Theories? Share!


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forgot to say in my earlier comment that i didnt mean "he didnt say it had to do w/ lily" i meant "he didnt say it had to do w/ chuck" ....my bad


the truth is i think it's going to be serena's father


the truth is i think that it's going to be serena's father


I think he is going to come back as a vision of Chuck giving him advick and stuff. Like he will be imagining him. Ever seen the soap opra young and the restless where Jacks dad comes back sorta like that.


my guess, something happens for chuck to become completely out there before christmas time, and soemthing happens along the lines of a christmas carol. maybe not 3 ghosts, but a look through things to learn more about his past and possibly show him as an older man. and there's bart, only he's just chuck's future self.


I predict there'll be an A Christmas Carol-themed episode coming up soon.


Perhaps a dream of what could have been, or maybe a set up for his return. I mean come on how many people die in stretch limos anyway, especially as a passenger, unless a car happened to hit right in the spot where he was seated or it plummeted off a bridge or something. They really didn't detail Bart's death very much. He was in a crash, he's dead, no explanation of what kind of crash, no one had to go identify him, no questions were really asked. Don't you think Chuck grieving like he did would have delved more into what happened?


@Anne The ghosts of all husbands! That would be hysterical. Haha Love this idea;)


Not sure if anyones said this already, but he might be coming back in like a video that he left behind before he died.


could a christmas CAROL be referring to lily's sister?
ahaha probably not buttt you never know!!
very nice idea! kind of a sequel to "valley girls" seems funny but could be true...
yeah, i also think the episode will be about lily. chuck would be too evident. maybe the "two blondes" the earlier spoilers referred to are lily and keith van der woodsen. hahaha the ghosts of all her ex hsubands will hunt lily!

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