Happy Birthday, Michelle Trachtenberg!

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Gossip Girl Insider would like to wish a happy (almost belated) birthday to Michelle Christine Trachtenberg, who was born 24 years ago on the 11th of October.

Happy birthday, Michelle!

A guest star in each of the show's three seasons as the ca-ra-zy Ms. Georgina Sparks, Michelle has provided some memorable scenes and Gossip Girl quotes.

Here's a little photo tribute to the birthday girl ...

  • Hi Michelle!
  • Michelle Trachtenberg Yearbook Photo
  • Sparks, Georgina
  • Chuck and Georgina
  • Michelle T.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg, Wedding Dress
  • A Michelle Trachtenberg Pic
  • Michelle Trachtenberg Pic
  • Michelle Trachtenberg
  • Trachtenberg, Michelle
  • Georgina Picture
  • Sparks Flying
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina Sparks
  • Another B and G Pic
  • Sparks Will Fly

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Michelle Obama was born on January 17,1964.Hence her birth number is 8.Her occult number is 44. She is the wife of the 44th US President.
Surprisingly,the fate number of Obama and Michelle is same.Their fate number is 29.It is obtained by adding together the numbers of the date,month and year of birth.
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Keep on rocking on GG!!!!
Georgie is officially my fav female GG character!


What no pics from here Pete & Pete days? :(


Happy Birthday Michelle!


Happy B-Day Michelle :D! I love Goergina :P she is wickedly funny


Happy Birthday Michelle! I LOVE Georgina's character. Thanks for making this show so much fun! Please stay on the show as long as possible. I also love Ice Princess and Chloe (on Mercy).


Happy Bday Michelle!!!!
though I dont like her character on GG but I think she's really cute....the prettiest girl on GG after B!!!

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