Heroes Clip: The Infamous Claire Kiss

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Whether or not Heroes set up a scene in which Claire kisses her female roommate purely for the sake of ratings - and we strongly believe the series did - NBC must be pleased with the attention this storyline is receiving.

Even if it's an accident or coincidence, the show is enjoying a great deal of online buzz regarding this incident.

Proof, however, that the network is trying to milk this brief make out session for all its worth lies in the fact that a clip of it has actually been released on YouTube. This is a rare occurrence for Heroes.

There's still a chance it gets removed, so watch the action now:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-claire-kiss/" title="The Claire Kiss"] [/video]

Is this a ratings plot? A sensible storyline? You tell us.

Also, chime in now and let us know your take on our idea for the show: Why don't the Heroes unite and fight a common enemy together?

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It was Hayden's idea, she said so herself. Attention seeking if you ask me


Why would they post this? it was pretty much the whole scene.......Bad .idea... but whatever I am still going to watch the show because i am a true fan and i love the show .....no matter what haters got to say....


My honest opinion? It's both. Clearly the actual existence of the kiss is being played for promotion - and hey, considering the low ratings, I'm not going to complain if it gives the show more exposure - but having seen previews of the clip already, and now the entire scene thanks to this YouTube video, I think this is going to be a harmless and honestly sweet story about a lowly girl with a crush.

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