Heroes Preview: "Tabula Rasa"

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On the upcoming new episode of Heroes, HRG and Peter set out to save Hiro.

Meanwhile, Sylar starts to remember who he is, as he bonds with Samuel's carnival family.

Take a look at the official NBC promo for "Tabula Rasa" below:

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As usual, we'll recap the episode soon after it concludes. For now, discuss it in our Heroes forum and click on the pics below for an early look at scenes from Monday night:

Happy Hiro
Samuel Sullivan Picture
At the Carnival
Emma Photo
Hospitalized Hiro

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While that would make more sense I can't see the writers being that smart. The tattoo on Lydia's back showed Sylar's face though. I'm still wondering if Nathan is gone forever. What happened to the photos of him and Peter flying together?


I don't think Sylar is going to remember who he actually is. The Carnies really don't want that to happen, do they? They would be massacred and Sylar would rule the world with all his new powers. I think that the Carnies are going to convince Sylar that he is still Nathan, they're just going to show him how to use all his powers again. That way they can still convince Peter and Claire to join, probably even more so if Sylar thinks he's Nathan.


My theory is that the evil part of Sylar will be stuck in Parkman until they meet again and in the mean time Sylar will kinda be a good guy. I still wanna see what happens when Peter and Claire find out they are gonna flip a lid for sure!!!!!!!!!!


Will we see Parkman and his mental image of Sylar this week while Sylars body is with the carnival I wonder?


Yeah I've been thinking about that. The writers better not just ignore it!!!! Surely Sylar's gonna tell Peter and Claire he killed Nathan and then became Nathan for awhile right???


Anyone interested in how Claire and Peter will react when they find out the carnival has recruited Sylar, who is meant to be dead?

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Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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