Heroes Review: "Strange Attractors"

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Before we get into this week's review of Heroes, read through our recap of "Strange Attractors." Ready to go? Good. So are we...

WHAT WORKED: Anything Samuel says or does. Whether it's Robert Knepper's performance or the way his character is written, we're mesmerized each time he's on screen. Not to be sacrilegious, but it's akin to The Joker in The Dark Knight.

WHAT NEEDS WORK: Well... Samuel. So he runs a carnival, his brother died and he wants to collect the Heroes for some (supposedly) evil purpose. We get that. We got it after the first episode. But the guy has to actually do something soon. As we just said, yes, his presence alone is captivating. But we're more than a third of the way through the season and his storyline hasn't advanced at all yet.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: Are they really exploring a possible relationship between Claire and Gretchen?!? This is insulting to the concept of homosexuality and friendship. The former because the storyline implies someone will simply choose to try a same-sex relationship because someone else shows interest; the latter because the show doesn't seem to think we'll care enough about Gretchen's role in Claire's life unless they are more than friends.

Time to Be Hazed

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: Parkman thought he could drink Sylar away... only to have Sylar take over his body when Parkman passed out?!? Meanwhile, another version of Sylar is alive and ignorant at the carnival? We're smart people, we swear. But does this make sense to anyone?

WHAT WORKED: We may not like the storylines being handed to Zachary Quinto, but the actor knocks each performance out of the park. He's as versatile as anyone on TV.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK: Is there a reason HRG didn't just call a lawyer instead of concocting that Tracy story? It's illegal to hold a suspect for more than 24 hours without making an arrest. It's also illegal to question a minor without an adult present.

WHAT WORKED: Tracy considering the carnival. As stated above, this promising storyline needs something to actually happen in order to move it along. Ask yourself this: what's the main plot of Heroes right now? It's been set up as the carnival's attempt to recruit those with abilities, but we're almost halfway through the season and there's no direction. Move it along, Heroes, or - as the ratings sadly show each week - there won't be another season after this.

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I think the story line with claire and gretchen is awesome! I'm sure alot of hedrosexuals are a bit peeved but GET OVER IT!!! U can't escape us FAGS!!!


Have you actually WATCHED back Season 1? It has a horrendously slow pace and I find myself skipping episodes and boring scenes. The only reason Season 1 was 'claimed' to be nice is because at that time Heroes' ideas were really new and interesting and they made the plot easier to understand for the public. Now when they try something slightly, just slightly more complicated, people complain for the lack of common sense or that they just couldn't understand anymore. Did you guys see the rage in the boy at the beginning of the episode? He was fed into false hope by HRG and I guess he's really mad at him. Tracy touched him and her hand turned to water. I'm really guessing that the boy was indeed in the "anything I touch dies" mood and Tracy's hand 'died'. I don't believe she was just trying to show her power to they boy because she could have done that in another way. THIS is why HRG doesn't want to call a lawyer. The Haitian would be out of question. What would he do? Erase every cop's memories there? He can't do that to a few number of armed cops. The only reason I can think of the Haitian to be there is so that he can just stop the boy's abilities while they get him to safety.


I also find it insane that you accuse it of having no direction, when. unlike the past two seaons, it *clearly* has a damn good idea where it is intending to go and the story it is intending to tell. How the hell you lasted through season 1 when you consider this slow placed is completely beyond me... And no, I'm not saying it's as good as season 1. Season 1 of Heroes is still the best television I have ever seen, and will likely remain so for a very long time, but this season *definately* goes close to its former quality. And you guys so busy over-analyising every tiny little passing sentence that you seem to be completely oblivious to the wider story arcs or the *huge* amount of character development that is going on.


"The parents are DEAD, so he didn't call a lawyer? I don't follow that connection." You complain about lack of character development, then complain when it occurs. Dear lord. As he has said numerous times throughout this season, he's looked back on his life and feels defeated by the fact that, in him mind, he's never really bothered to help anyone. He saw this kid, alone and scared and lost, and he wanted to help. HRG may have made a misguided decision in how to handle the situation (which is a matter of opinion), but he was taking the only option he could think of to save the kid. So what if it "spits on legal and commmon sense"? Is Noah Bennet not to have flaws, or handle a situation purely? He was guided personal desires, motives, flaws and fears guide his actions. He made a mistake, but he didn't know any other way to handle it. And this is far more human than *anything* Season 3 did. It was a huge character defining moment for him, and you reduce it to a simple "It wasn't common sense" argument? Bloody hell.


The Sylar is way easier than any of you are making it out to be. Sylars mind is in Matt Parkman.
Sylars body has been the Nathan we have seen all season. This is because Sylars body can polymorph, he got that ability last season. When "Nathan" got shot, he fell in the grave and, since it's Sylars body, he regened, dug out of the grave, and had a momentary memory of Sylar, which made his polymorphing body change to look like Sylar instead of Nathan. So simply, Nathans body has been dead all season. Nathans mind is in Sylars body, which looks like Sylar now. Sylars mind is in Parkman. The End.


Eventhough several people don't like or get the 2 Sylars. I do. If you view it from a completely philosophical and point it is possible that a mind can become separated from a body & then the empty body becomes implanted with another mind. For more on this read “Heroes & Philosophy�. Anyhoo, it’s the age old question who am I really. For me atleast it’s very similar to the beginning of season 3 when Sylar was trying to be Gabriel. After all just your mind, or your body or your actions don’t define who you are. It’s the whole combo plate & right now Sylar & Carnie Nathan (Sylar’s body) have been delivered to two different tables. And I'm not sure if I actually want them to come back together. This is a fun kinda crazy for me. Plus, Carnie Nathan, it seems, gives Zach a chance to wear his own clothes as wardrobe.


You are making the Sylar thing more complicated than the writers are.. Nathan is dead. Sylar has been wiped clean of all Sylar memories and imprinted with Nathan's identity. When Sylar regenerated he awoke in a state of amnesia but still only really has Nathan's identity to pull from. Sylar's consciousness grabbed on to Matt's mind during the imprint as a self preservation tactic. Like trojan horse or a computer virus if you will.


If they would have kept jeremy alive, then fans would be complaining that there is yet ANOTHER way for death not to matter on this show.

Matt richenthal

The parents are DEAD, so he didn't call a lawyer? I don't follow that connection.
Calling a lawyer doesn't mean Jeremy would have revealed his ability; and even if somehow came out, there's lawyer/client confidentiality. The show spit on all common and legal sense for the sake of a storyline that wasn't even that great.


"Is there a reason HRG didn't just call a lawyer instead of concocting that Tracy story? It's illegal to hold a suspect for more than 24 hours without making an arrest. It's also illegal to question a minor without an adult present."
The answer is in your question. The kid's parents are DEAD. HRG called his closest relative (his favorite "aunt") in.

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