New Sneak Preview: "How to Succeed in Bassness"

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A new sneak preview of next Monday's Gossip Girl has been leaked by Perez Hilton, whose website also happens to be referenced in the below clip.

We suppose if there's a hip TV show that would cross-market itself with a celebrity gossip blog, one centered around a gossip blog would be a good fit!

On to the clip from "How to Succeed in Bassness." Perez is mentioned because he's got a scoop on Olivia Burke ... picking up some condoms! OMG!

It looks like Dan (who is also featured in the clip, awkwardly talking about his relationship with Nate) could be getting lucky Monday night ...

[video url="" title="How To Succeed In Bassness Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

Click here for the first two sneak previews from the episode released earlier in the week. What do you think of the clip above? Comment away!

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wow they are actually patronizing a low-life gossip mongrel! this is so 1 year after people!


nice gossip girl just got her balls back lol, but i still hope for a chuck and blair make-up scene


Why take condoms yourself? Why not be like 50 Cent and have them sent to your dressing room? I'm sorry but buying condoms would have been more realistic and even then for me it seems a stretch that a celebrity in danger of being Perezzzzzzed would be caught doing that. Another case of "I-don't-believe-you-GG-writers" for me. If that's true about Kristen and Robert I feel bad for them. I not a fan of either of the actors or the Twilight franchise but I have some sympathy if two people are contracted to appear dating because they're in a movie together and the fans want it.


personally, id like to see chuck revert back to his old ways and rape lil lizzie mcguire, like he tried to do lil j


patrick roberts. lmao. people need to make fun of twilight more often.


Did anyone else notice this?
This is a parallel to the beginning of S1E13 (Thin Line Between Chuck & Nate), when Serena was caught on GG buying pregnancy tests.


Seriously, Olivia is suppose to be a movie star why can't she buy condoms? she's really desperate enough to take free ones? lol.


this is cool i actually really like the nate and dan scenes!
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haha love it! I can't wait for this episode! Finally some more dan and nate friendship!!! I love Nate :)


Sorry to any hardcore Twilight fans but... It seems VERY likely that Olivia's fake boyfriend Patrick Roberts is meant to be like Robert Pattinson. a) The names are extremely similar. b) The Twilight movies sometimes film in Canada too. c) Hilary's character Olivia is in a series of vampire movies that are meant to be like Twilight. d) There are many many many actual rumors that RP and Kristen Stewart are in their very public "relationship" because their contracts require it.

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