Someone is Getting Knocked Up on Brothers & Sisters

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Two tidbits regarding Brothers & Sisters appear to mean that Sarah should start planning a baby shower:

  1. Giiles Marini has signed on for four additional episodes of the drama. The actor, who premiered on the show last Sunday, will now appear as Luc Laurent for at least nine total installments.
  2. According to E! News, a character will soon discover she's pregnant.

Sources say the knocked up character is not Nora; nor is this scoop related to Scotty and Kevin's plans for surrogacy.

This pretty much just leaves Sarah, Kitty, Rebecca and Julia as candidates. Who do you think will be expecting?

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Gilles Marini on Brothers & Sisters

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This also leaves Rebecca. I mean they are the ones that have been having alot of sex. my money is on rebecca or sarah

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