The Good Wife Recap: "Home"

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This week's episode of The Good Wife did a masterful job painting a detailed picture of Casey. He's cocky and he's passive aggressive, but he's not without his positive traits.

Alicia, meanwhile, was forced to face her past life, as she defended the son of one of her formerly close friends.

How did our heroine mesh with Casey? And how did she respond to this awkward situation? The answer await, courtesy of our latest episode recap.

Pic of Alicia Florrick

A few The Good Wife quotes stood out from the others this week. They were:

Kalinda: You oughta try it some time.
Alicia: Flipping someone off?
Kalinda: It's good for your soul. | permalink
Carey: Reminds me of my old high school.
Kalinda: Reminds of of the schools I used to vandalize. | permalink
Alicia: Kenny's mother as my first friend in Highland Park... and the first person to stop talking to me. | permalink
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Good Wife Quotes

You mean the man, Guy Redmayne who came in here and pressed his groin against me, compared my feet to those of an Arizona prostitute and then demanded that I hire a deputy SA of his choosing?


This is mess.